Rogue in the Making by TJ Nichols

Rogue in the Making by TJ Nichols

First off I would like to formally apologize for the puppy noises in the background. They were sound asleep until I got all set up and ready to film. I wasn’t going to wait for another opportunity. 🙂

This is the sequel to Warlock in Training.

Angus has found himself in quite the predicament. He’s walking a fine line between Vinland, his home, and Demonside. He’s constantly got one foot in both places trying to keep the worlds at peace but at what cost?

Angus has a boyfriend in Vinland showing him news casts from outside their homeland, showing him the truth and his demon, his lover, his mentor Saka, in Demonside showing how to control and use his magic.

Eventually the worlds collide and all bellow enough is enough. Angus, Saka, and more must chose sides, leave homes, and make their own paths if they want to do right for the greater good.

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Whisper by Tal Bauer

Whisper by Tal Bauer

*Warning* The use of the phrase “Towel Head” is used in this review to extenuate a feeling for one of characters. This represents a derogatory slur that has been put out there by the world and does NOT represent my feelings towards Arabs in any fashion.”

Kris Caldera worked in a forgotten office of the CIA. Then September 11, 2001 and now he’s become one of their most valuable assets; a young, Puerto Rican, gay man who never hid his true self from the white boy club aka CIA.

Once deployed overseas Kris meets David. At first he doesn’t understand David’s angle. Why is always around? So close? Almost protective? David has wall’s up that even Allah can’t see into let alone Kris. Until they start to crack, quake, and fall.

David and Kris travel all over the middle east in search of terrorists. To avenge those lives lost, create important allies, and try to not lose their lives while falling in love in the one place on earth that would kill them for it.

Eventually a plan is foiled and everything goes to hell quickly. Kris is the lone survivor of an attack and David is….gone.

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Clipped by Devon McCormack

Clipped by Devon McCormack

*Must love dark, dirty, sinister plot lines with a side of blood.*

Time to dump all the things you learned in Sunday school and prepare yourself for the re-telling of creation.

Kinzer was once an angel until he followed God’s ex-lover Satan into hell. Then he became a spy.

Things not going according to plan Kinzer awakens and finds himself in a very seedy establishment and a possession to a man named Jerry. Kinzer is bruised and battered. His wings have been clipped, powers stripped, and he’s essentially a mortal.

After freeing himself and Kid from Jerry’s Kinzer is adamant he must find others to relay what has happened. There’s a mole in their organization.

War is upon them. Battles are fought, freedoms lost, and betrayals unveiled. Who can they trust?

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