Magic or Die by J.P. Jackson

Magic or Die by J.P. Jackson

James Martin is brought out of his drunken stupor and forced into rehab. His employer reminds him that regardless of what happened in the past, he still has time on his contract, and they are going to collect.

The Centers for Magical Research and Development, CMRD, helps people control their powers. Ensure that they can become and maintain their status of productive members of society. James was once a promising teacher before, and Miriam is going to make sure he is again.

The CMRD has five humans who show extraordinary talent. Something beyond the normal. James must help these five harness their talent. He’s been given six months. Then three…..time is ticking, death is a breath away, and eventually James feels he has everything to lose.

NineStar Press: http://bit.ly/28PScEh
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2PMPoGU

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All That Glitters by Kate Sherwood

All That Glitters by Kate Sherwood

To me this was an astounding second chance romance with maybe a wee bit of mid life crisis thrown into the mix.

Liam and Ben were high school sweethearts. Liam ultimately cheated on Ben in college and they broke up. Fifteen years later the winds are changing.

Liam will often drive from NYC to his home town. He only makes it to the welcome sign before turning back, but on this fateful day he goes into town. He stops at the cemetery to ponder life. When his car won’t start the fates bring his old friend Seth to the rescue. Only Seth isn’t happy to see Liam. Nor is the jogger who passes by: Ben.

Ben stayed in their hometown and became an elementary school teacher. He loves his life though his best friend Seth says it’s boring. That Ben needs to get out more, be adventurous. Cue Liam, the past, mix in the present, and possibly the future.


Dreamspinner Press: http://bit.ly/1UF5trP

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2QxxdSg

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Magic or Die by J.P. Jackson Cover Reveal

Magic or Die by J.P. Jackson Cover Reveal


Magic or Die
Inner Demons, Book One
J.P. Jackson
Release Date: July 2, 2018
Genre: Paranormal, Gay, Magic, Demons, Psychics, Teacher, Covens, Incarceration




James Martin is a teacher, a powerful Psychic, and an alcoholic. He used to work for the Center for Magical Research and Development, a facility that houses people who can’t control their supernatural abilities. He left after one of his students was killed, turning to vodka to soothe his emotional pain. Problem is, he still has one year left on his contract.

It’s not common knowledge, but the CMRD holds final exams for each of its residents and if they don’t pass, they’re euthanized. So when James returns to the CMRD to fulfill the rest of his contract, he finds himself assisting five young adults, confronting the demons of his past, and attempting to protect his new class from a possible death sentence.

James discovers that his class isn’t bringing in enough sponsors; the agencies and world governments who supply grants and ultimately purchase graduates of the CMRD, and that means no profit for the facility. Now, James and his students face impossible odds. Measure up to the facility’s unreachable standards or escape.

At the CMRD, you have to be able to control your Magic or Die.

Meet the Author

J.P. Jackson works as an IT analyst in health care during the day, where if cornered he’d confess to casting spells to ensure clinicians actually use the electronic medical charting system he configures and implements.

At night however, the writing happens, where demons, witches and shape shifters congregate around the kitchen table and general chaos ensues. The insurance company refuses to accept any more claims of ‘acts of the un-god’, and his husband of almost 20 years has very firmly put his foot down on any further wraith summoning’s in the basement. And apparently imps aren’t house-trainable. Occasionally the odd ghost or member of the Fae community stops in for a glass of wine and stories are exchanged. Although the husband doesn’t know it, the two Chihuahuas are in cahoots with the spell casting.

J.P.’s other hobbies include hybridizing African Violets (thanks to grandma), extensive travelling and believe it or not, knitting.

Available to Preorder from NineStar Press on June 25th


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The Hockey Player’s Heart by Jeff Adams and Will Knauss

The Hockey Player’s Heart by Jeff Adams and Will Knauss

Caleb Carter is a NHL hockey player for the NYC Rangers. He’s currently injured and leaves the city to get some R&R back in his home town. While back his sister Pam, who is the principal at a local elementary school, talks Caleb into helping out at the school carnival.

While setting up his space Caleb sees Aaron Price, his high school crush and Pam’s best friend. Last Caleb heard Aaron was living in LA. It seems he’s back and teaching at the school. Caleb thinks that while he’s in town this might be the opportunity to finally woo Aaron. Only Aaron is skittish and though agrees to go out as friends is holding himself back, but why.

As things progress Caleb wants more but Aaron stalls. Caleb comes up with a gesture grand enough for Hollywood to show Aaron that he is true to his word and wants nothing more than to settle down with him for the remainder of his days.

Dreamspinner Press: http://bit.ly/1UF5trP
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DC98Ul

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Accidentally Wolf and His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon

Accidentally Wolf and His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon

**First I need to apologize to Elle Boon and all of you watchers and readers. I continually call the second book His Perfect Mate when in fact the name of the book is His Perfect Wolf.**

Accidentally Wolf (Mystic Wolves #1): Cora is a veterinarian who is on a run when she sees this helpless wolf cub caught in a trap. She frees him, carries him back to her clinic, and while she’s fixing him up he bites her. Shortly after she starts to feel ill. She leaves the clinic and goes to her apartment next door to take a shower, hears a commotion, runs back to her clinic in nothing but a towel, and there stands the most sexiest man she’s ever seen holding the wolf that she’s rescued and all she can think to do is climb him, lick him, bite him, and rut against him like an animal.

From here things only get better…..

His Perfect Wolf….

Niall is the alpha of the Mystic Wolves. He was mated once before to the mother of his son Nolan. (Nolan is the cub wolf who bit Cora) Emma, Niall’s mate, was it for him. He knows he must find a mother figure for Nolan, but this person will never get his heart.

Then he smells something sweet and perfect out in the woods. When he finds the broken body of a female at the bottom of a cliff he has to save her. Something compels him to do everything to get her to safety. The same warnings his gave his brother Zayne when it came to Cora he tries to remind himself but they quickly go out the window.

Alaina remembers nothing about herself after she’s rescued by Niall only that she knows she’s not fully human and he’s not either, but she keeps this information to herself.

Alaina’s past shows up to taunt her, Niall must face his past and decide his future, and Nolan falls in love.

Purchase books 1&2: http://amzn.to/2Dw72oJ

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Wicked Education by Tanya Sands

Wicked Education by Tanya Sands

Nayla Vitale is an elementary school teacher who has an obsession with the heavy metal band Iron Fist. So much so that she begins stalking a tattoo parlor where it’s rumored that Iron Fist only gets their ink done there.

Mateo Alvarez is the owner of Wicked Ink. He’s sort of sworn off relationships until this luscious woman walks into his shop. There’s something about her.

As they build their relationship there are some pretty intense revelations, good and bad. It’s a matter of if they can weather the storms that will come.

Purchase: http://amzn.to/2ibyXSi

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The Garden by Rosalind Abel (Lavender Shores #2)

The Garden by Rosalind Abel (Lavender Shores #2)

Gilbert Bryant has felt like the black sheep of Lavender Shores after a scandal he was involved with back in high school. The only times you’ll find him back home is for special occasions.

It’s during one of those times when Gilbert spots Walden Thompson.

Walden has dreamed of living in Lavender Shores. After leaving his family he takes a detour through San Fransisco that leaves him broken and ashamed.

Both men suffer from a horrible event in their past letting them believe they’re not worth anything and that nobody will love them. Together they discover that just might not be true.

Purchase: http://amzn.to/2uN6lHu

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At Attention by Annabeth Albert (Out of Uniform #2)

At Attention by Annabeth Albert (Out of Uniform #2)

Apollo is in a constant state of grief since his husband died. He was left with their twin daughters and though he’s tried to provide them with everything, he’s still in the dark trying to find some light.

When Dylan was younger he was in unrequited love with Apollo. They were both gay: the same. Dylan would chase his brother and Apollo everywhere, until Apollo married. Then Dylan grew up.

When Apollo’s mom decides to spend her summer abroad Apollo must come to the realization that he needs help. When Dylan is thrown back into his life he realizes he needs help in more ways than one and it’s frightening.

Purchase: http://amzn.to/2so7kJK

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Dark Lessons by Julia Sykes

Dark Lessons by Julia Sykes

If you’ve followed the Impossible Series (not necessary to read this book) then you’ve already met main MC Jason Harper. He’s put on a nice front, but lately we’ve seen some cracks in that armor.

Sam, our friendly cyber chick, recently relayed some information about how the love of Jason’s life was killed.

Dark Lessons is the story of how Jason met Natalie.

After a night of “friendly” liaisons they part ways only to discover that Natalie is a recruit for the FBI and Jason is an instructor. Jason can’t let her go. She’s a natural submissive to his Dom. The chemistry between the two is palpable. They chose to move forward in their relationship, Natalie learning the workings of BDSM in the most unconventional way. Until she’s murdered during a training exercise.

Or is she?



Purchase: http://amzn.to/2o0PMTv

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