Skythane by J. Scott Chatsworth

Skythane by J. Scott Chatsworth

Skythane is a sci-fi fantasy story.

There are two worlds that used to be one. They are currently in the processes of self destruction unless they can be put back together again.

Our unsuspecting heroes are Xander and Jameson. Two completely different men from distant backgrounds.

Jameson is from a conservative religious planet, is a psych, cannot be gay therefore engaged.

Xander was orphaned at a young age and the person he thought was going to save him from the streets turned out to be his worst nightmare.

Under the ruse of a third character, Quince, these two men are brought together thinking it was going to be a quick encounter when really they’re destined to save the world.

How can a troubled soul and a man denying himself be the chosen ones?

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