SJ Himes

The Solstice Prince by SJ Himes

The Solstice Prince by SJ Himes

Jaime is away at healer’s academy when he hears that his father has fallen ill. Against the advice of his advisors Jaime rushes home. He quickly learns two things upon arrival; his father has passed and they were badly in debt from sending Jaime to school. All their possessions are being sold off, including Jaime himself.

Thanks to a storm the pirates taking Jaime away must harbor their ship for repairs and the slaves are rescued. Jaime has no inkling of where he might be or the people he’s now surrounded by. He given a job in the kitchens and keeps his head low. He’s seen what humanity can do and trusts no one.

After an accidental healing of a burn Jaime gave the Captain of the guard Jaime runs. He’s scared that they’ll send him back with the pirates or worse.

Quickly Jaime learns that he’s in a safe place and has caught the eye of the youngest prince.

From here Jaime must decide if he wants to stay or go back home.


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