Off the Beaten Path by Cari Z.

Off the Beaten Path by Cari Z.

The military once upon a time created werewolves. Generations later, even if the gene has been silent since inoculation, people are still turning. When they do, the person, and only them, are transported to a secure reservation dedicated only to pack land.

This is how we meet Ward and Ava. Ava is Ward’s four year old daughter and on her first day of school she turned. Ward received the call and before he could arrive she was already taken. All the government would give him was a check and some advice to forget she existed. Ward refused, called in favors, and almost died getting to his the fence that separated himself and his daughter. Now he had to find a way inside.

Henry was the the pack’s alpha. All alpha’s were obligated to join the military and perform special ops missions. He was on said mission when Ward shows up at the compound. His second in command has to make a last minute decision.

When the two men meet it’s definitely not love at first site but while the story is a darker take than many paranormals Ward brings a light to Henry’s life but it might be too late for the military leader in charge of all the alpha’s. He’s had enough and Ava’s time might be at an end if she won’t change back to a human.

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Accidentally Wolf and His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon

Accidentally Wolf and His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon

**First I need to apologize to Elle Boon and all of you watchers and readers. I continually call the second book His Perfect Mate when in fact the name of the book is His Perfect Wolf.**

Accidentally Wolf (Mystic Wolves #1): Cora is a veterinarian who is on a run when she sees this helpless wolf cub caught in a trap. She frees him, carries him back to her clinic, and while she’s fixing him up he bites her. Shortly after she starts to feel ill. She leaves the clinic and goes to her apartment next door to take a shower, hears a commotion, runs back to her clinic in nothing but a towel, and there stands the most sexiest man she’s ever seen holding the wolf that she’s rescued and all she can think to do is climb him, lick him, bite him, and rut against him like an animal.

From here things only get better…..

His Perfect Wolf….

Niall is the alpha of the Mystic Wolves. He was mated once before to the mother of his son Nolan. (Nolan is the cub wolf who bit Cora) Emma, Niall’s mate, was it for him. He knows he must find a mother figure for Nolan, but this person will never get his heart.

Then he smells something sweet and perfect out in the woods. When he finds the broken body of a female at the bottom of a cliff he has to save her. Something compels him to do everything to get her to safety. The same warnings his gave his brother Zayne when it came to Cora he tries to remind himself but they quickly go out the window.

Alaina remembers nothing about herself after she’s rescued by Niall only that she knows she’s not fully human and he’s not either, but she keeps this information to herself.

Alaina’s past shows up to taunt her, Niall must face his past and decide his future, and Nolan falls in love.

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The Half Wolf by Jay Northcote

The Half Wolf by Jay Northcote

Quinn lives in a small english town with his aunt. His father died before he was born, his mother shortly after. Although he’s known love he’s never quite felt like he belongs.

Kellan is a member of a werewolf pack that moves into town. He semi-meets Quinn through a misadventure and then really gets to meet him when Kellan’s job searching .

They know this is supposed to be a short lived, whirlwind, romance, but there’s something more there. Almost like a mating call, but Quinn is human. Isn’t he?


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