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The Jewel of Colorado-Complete Series-by Jason Collins

The Jewel of Colorado-Complete Series-by Jason Collins

Evan Carlson works at the First National Bank. He has two dreams; become banks manager and catch the attention of one Jacob Sanders.

The Sanders are “that” family. The one a small town thinks they know all about because of rumors and gossip. Jacob is in town helping his grandfather and goes to the bank to get the family stone re-appraised.

Jacob notices Evan immediately and requests Evan accompany him to the ranch where he’s taking the stone.

Skip to…….Stone is stolen during Evan and Jacob’s first date. They become detectives in trying to retrieve it. What could go wrong?



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Blood Moon and Blood Moon Rising by Lainie Suzanne

Blood Moon and Blood Moon Rising by Lainie Suzanne

Blood Moon-
Keres is a vampire on a mission: Take down Melaina Harrison. Keres is so blinded by vengeance she’s not thinking straight and has brought her brother Marco into help. Through desperation to try to get Keres to back off he succumbs to her whims and helps. His goal is to seduce Melaina. Only he realizes that while he’s seducing her he’s falling for her. Then Marco must make a tough decision. Betray his sister before things get more out of hand or let Keres win?

Blood Moon Rising:
Keres is is locked away at Lord Sebastian’s house serving a punishment sentence, and poorly at that.

Marco has betrayed Lord Sebastian’s order in regards to Melaina and forces Marco to seek out the underworld for help and survival.

Can Keres be rehabilitated and will Marco survive his punishment?

Blood Moon:
Blood Moon Rising:

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