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New Release Blitz-TCS: The Studio by Mike E. Galloway

New Release Blitz-TCS: The Studio by Mike E. Galloway

Title: TCS: The Studio
Series: Tribal Culture Studio, #1
Author: Mike E. Galloway
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: 9/7/18
Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 76133 Words
Genre: Romance, Erotica

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Jason Gelardi is a college dropout who wants the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend. With a knack for photography, he establishes Tribal Culture Studio, a modeling agency in San Diego, and hires several hot guys to be models for him. Over the course of his career, he works with a charming surfer, a mechanical engineering graduate student, and a rising water polo athlete, among others.

TCS: The Studio is a coming-of-age experience for Jason as he learns responsibility and self-reliance. Find out which of the lucky studs he ends up with, and how successful he becomes at not only love, but in business.



Now was my time to truly explore Noel,
the epitome of muscle-bound perfection. He sat, eyes closed and relaxed, right
next to me in the hot tub. Why he had to wear his swimsuit was beyond me, but
at least he was here. I examined him once again, his bubbly pecs hanging just
above the surface of the water. The frothy foam prevented seeing his toned abs
from up on top, but If I really wanted to, I could try and touch them, and it
was worth it to try. “Mind if I touch?” I asked, pointing towards his chest.
“I guess. I am feeling a little tense
there right now.” Score! With no delay, I placed the palm of my left hand on
his right pec muscle, turning my body so it faced his. With my knees planted on
the fiberglass flooring, I let go of him with my palm and pressed hard, but
gradually on his chest with my knuckles. I could see his facial expressions as
I made circles with my hands to relieve the tension. His teeth clenched
together, but I wasn’t sure if he was in any pain. I looked down into the
water, and still couldn’t see anything down there. I did about twenty circles
on his chest before patting each pec a couple of times and moving on down to
his stomach.
As I placed my hand on his toned, rigid
abs, he pushed me away, almost making me lose balance. “You suck at this,” he
said. “Turn around and bend over.”
I turned myself around and felt a chill
down my spine, thinking it would chill the soothing waters.  Was he going to fuck me? I hoped so, but his
stoic expression told me that wasn’t going to happen. After all, he was wearing
a swimsuit. I tried taking a deep breath without inhaling the steam coming from
the tub, but a little bit of it got in. I wanted to sneeze, and just as it was
about to come out, I felt an iron grip on my right shoulder. It sucked out all
the sneeze. I felt another iron grip clasping on my other shoulder as I looked
towards my right. I guess Noel decided to give me a massage.
He started with just my right side, his
hands beating into my shoulder with more pressure than I was giving him. It was
agonizing to say the least. Tears began to form up in my eyes from the
excruciating pain he gave me. I couldn’t say stop, because I wanted him to
worship my body. Even though only around five minutes had passed, it seemed
like an eternity before he stopped. It was only for a moment, but the pain continued
on my left side, this time with twice the magnitude.
He gave me a beatdown of a lifetime,
pounding my shoulders and back like I was his drum. The painful massage ended
as he gently patted my neck afterwards. “Okay, Jason. Turn around again and sit
I turned myself and sat in the seat I
was originally facing. Noel towered over me; his abs right in front of my face
and sprinkled with drops of spa water grouped up on each muscle. “Now I see why
you became a model,” I said.


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Meet the Author

Raised in Central California, Mike E. Galloway grew up in a world filled with the expectations of heteronormativity and homophobia. He overcame these expectations by writing LGBT stories and vignettes ever since the age of 14 and has never turned back since.

Mike lives in Las Vegas, NV and is currently working on a 3-book series featuring a young gay photographer who is on a journey to find love and his way in the world. Find out more or join the community at

Website | Facebook | Twitter Tribal Jason | Twitter Tribal Ryker | Twitter Tribal Noel |eMail | Instagram

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Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated by Tom Starita

Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated by Tom Starita

This is the story of Lucas James. He’s a middle child whose father left the family when he was still young forcing his older brother to grow up and become the man of the house. This caused tension between Lucas James and his brother, make his younger brother not so much pick sides, but understand and see both sides.

Now that Lucas James is a grown man he’s been following one dream: Rock Legend. He wants to be the man who has the band that others cover. A name thousands know, worship, and love. Only he’s nowhere close to getting there and it’s NEVER his fault.

This story follows the love story and tragedy of Lucas James and his “Apple Jack”, Lucas James getting a real job, making a deal with the devil for a place to live, and so much more.


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The Promise of Living by J. Lee Graham

The Promise of Living by J. Lee Graham

**This story mentions suicide, homicide, and mental illness.**

This is a coming of age story that takes place in the 70’s. Ryan and Dave are both juniors in high school getting ready to take over as seniors. They’ve spent their lives preparing for this role. Between school, the band, and working on a local dairy farm they dream about their future. Only they keep some dreams to themselves.

One day Ryan is hit with a vision so clear of a woman committing suicide. He’s distraught by the image, it’s clarity, the meaning. Is it real? When the visions continue he tells Dave.

Ryan and Dave then bring in a third person and together they try to figure exactly what is happening to Ryan. They all understand that with such great power comes great responsibility. If you don’t understand it what can you do? Especially if you see a murder happening but you don’t know when, who is being murdered, or who is the murderer.

Then a tragedy strikes Ryan so deep he feels he’ll never recover. His whole world is turned upside down.

From here he finds the strength to finally accept who he is in more ways than one.


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Last Call by Christina Lee and Felice Stevens

Last Call by Christina Lee and Felice Stevens

Gray and Quinn have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Have been in love with each other about just the same, only neither will admit to the other their true feelings.

After Quinn is let go from the family business and Gray from a dead end factory job they start their own business; A bar named Last Call.

It takes a stranger, Emery, rolling into town, a bet turned sideways, a bad storm, and structural damage for things to finally move forward for Gray and Quinn.

Emery sees that they’re attracted to each other immediately. The things is, now Quinn and Gray are also both attracted to Emery and he finds himself attracted to to them both.

Stay or go? Fight or flight? Is three the right number or truly a crowd?


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Secrets of Betrayal (Secrets #4) by LK Shaw

Secrets of Betrayal (Secrets #4) by LK Shaw

**This review is Rated R for strong language….Enjoy!!**

Phebe Lawson was working hard to get out of her abusive relationship. She had a plan, since simply leaving wasn’t an option. Only, that plan was quickly thwarted when her drug dealing boyfriend sold her to some sex-trafficking Russians. Now Phebe’s broken, violated, and believes beyond repair.

Thanks to a sister Phebe didn’t even know she had she’s been rescued and sent to a safe house.

Donovan Jefferies is an assistant district attorney, an acquaintance of Josie’s (Phebe’s sister), and a Dom. When he first sees Phebe he knows she’s not his type but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t want her. First though is to ensure her safety, build her trust, and see if he too can trust again after his last sub destroyed him.

Together these two make an unlikely duo. The Russians are fighting to get Phebe back. Phebe and Donovan are fighting for freedom and love. One always outweighs the other.


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Seeker (The Guardians of Truth #2) by Andi Copeland

Seeker (The Guardians of Truth #2) by Andi Copeland

The Guardians of  Truth #2: Sequel to Oracle.

This story follows Nikira Ward. After she witnessed what she believed was her sister’s suicide in front of a winged monster, their house exploding, her mother missing, and now her gram in a coma; Kira must accept a horrible truth. Everyone has been lying to her for years.

As Nikira gets closer to 18 she begins to notice strange happenings. At first she believes them to be nothing of great consequence. Until her grandmother falls into a magical a coma. Her best friend, the boy she’s fallen madly in love with, turns out to be some godly guardian. He’s been watching over her since the day she was born. And finally, her sister might just be alive.

This is a story about nephilim and demons. Right and wrong. Finding your true self, accepting that, and rising to be the best you can be. Lines will be blurry. What the world considers evil may actually be the good guy in the end.


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Wulf Chronicles by Wulf Francu Godgluck

Wulf Chronicles by Wulf Francu Godgluck

This is the tale of Michael. An 18 year old werewolf who, along with his mother, has been on the run his entire life. Never in one place too long. Michael has never made friends, has no truly good memories, a past that is full of finding a place, “Them” finding Michael and his mother, and off again.

When they arrive in Black Snow Michael felt a calling of home. Something telling him that he had finally arrived to his final destination. Some though took their time making him feel welcome.

Once Michael arrived horrible tragedies occurred; and who is everyone going to point fingers at? Michael finally had family, friends, a sound foundation, and then it all came crumbling down.


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Trust With a Chaser by Annabeth Albert (Rainbow Cove #1)

Trust With a Chaser by Annabeth Albert (Rainbow Cove #1)

Mason Hicks is from Rainbow Cove. Now he’s back and starting a restaurant business with his two best friends Adam and Logan. Rainbow Tavern is going to show everyone that just because his last name is Hicks doesn’t mean he’s a worthless person.

Nash Flint is the local sheriff and seems to have misplaced his memo on Mason being an adult, mature, and not at all like his family.

While Mason is out and proud, Nash is living in the closet. Nash not only puts the sins on Mason’s father on Mason, but he also bears his father’s words and beliefs on his own. Nash Flint is a very complicated man.

Through a series of town vandalism, Rainbow Tavern not excluded, Nash and Mason start to become close. Although the secrecy weighs them down. It isn’t until Mason is handed a far larger responsibility that decisions must be made and Nash is going to have to either step out of the closet or lose Mason forever.


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Campus Life (CYOA #2) by TC Orton

Campus Life (CYOA #2) by TC Orton

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure story.

This is told in first person where you’re in the driver’s seat as Joe Smith. Joe is a below average college senior looking for some action since he just transferred schools.

Everyone experiences the same beginning and from there you, the reader, get to choose your own adventure. Slut it up, sow your wild oats, or look for something more meaningful. It’s all up to you. 😉

Just remember to have fun!


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There’s No Tomorrow by Tanya Sands

There’s No Tomorrow by Tanya Sands

Dallas is the prodigal son. He left TX after a horrific event and now has returned. He’s ready to make a life a new there, join the motorcycle club his father once belonged to, and finally have family again.

Deidre is a single mother. Her life has been consumed by her daughter. She’s taken no time for herself and then she meets Dallas. First in the most unconventional way where he fills her dreams and then in real life. Where he quickly becomes a part of Deirdre and her daughter’s lives.

Together they make a mighty fine duo but Dallas can’t seem to keep his past out of his present and Deidre won’t let her daughter get hurt.


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