Dane by Faith Gibson

Dane by Faith Gibson

Dane is part of the Stone Society which means he’s a gargoyle. Dane though is a half breed; only recently changed due to being around his mate Marley.

Dane is now the Chief-of-Police for New Atlanta, replacing Kaya who mated with Rafael, the King of the Stone Society. Dane waited to mate with Marley until after a threat from Rafael’s uncle was diminished. Only after one threat was taken out in Greece, a new battle at home begins. Home field advantage may make no difference in this fight.

Dane has to make the decision to put all the cards on table and let Marley decide. Marley too has secrets though. After everything is shared between them, no more hiding, will the fates allow them to hold onto their bond forever and always.

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Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black

Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black

Taylor Jameson and his twin brother Clay are both Riot Officers. They draw the short end of the stick and are sent with their team to watch over a bunch of rich, spoiled kids on a yacht for a fundraiser. Taylor decides he’s had enough of the crowd and ventures below under the guise of checking everything out.

Siesta Salisbury is the reclusive son of a politician. Nobody has seen him in ages so when he appears on the yacht and gives a speech it’s a surprise to everyone.

After events turn from organized chaos to downright chaotic it’s everyman on deck. The newspapers get a picture of Taylor and Sietta and it appears to be intimate.

When Taylor goes to apologize to Sietta, Taylor and Clay find the whole thing to be rather fishy and suspect. From there things only go south.

Dreamspinner Press: http://bit.ly/1UF5trP

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