Welcome to Crash by Lina Langley

Welcome to Crash by Lina Langley

Damien almost has everything that he wants. He’s obtained a job at the exclusive art studio Crash, has an almost boyfriend (Levi), friends and family.

From his first day at work something seems off to Damien. There was no interview process or screening. He received a hand written letter in the mail letting him know he’d been accepted for the job.

The man Damien works for is supposed to be dead, his co-worker is extremely unorthodox, and modern technology doesn’t seem to exist.

Everything around Damien becomes tilted. Things that were perfect before are now skewed. He can’t put his finger on the issue but something is not right. As time passes Damien becomes more absorbed with his work and co-worker and questioning his life with Levi.

Once his seizures start again everyone around Damien begins to question his sanity. Is he right in insisting his belief is truth? Or are the others right in that he’s been hallucinating?

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Taming Teddy by Lucy Lennox

Taming Teddy by Lucy Lennox

Teddy photographs and lives the wildlife.  Career wise he wants to capture something that hasn’t been done before.  He’s on a quest for the unique.  This is how he finds Dr. James (Jamie) Marian.

Jamie is a wildlife consultant aka wildlife whisperer.  He has a way about him that allows him to get close with the animals.  Currently he’s working in Alaska.  He’s turned Teddy down time and time again for a photoshoot.

Teddy refuses to take no for an absolute answer and shows up on Jamie’s door.  Things from there go from extreme ice, simmering, cold, and lonely.  Until a friendship blossoms and almost wilts.


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A Love Like Blood by Victor Yates

A Love Like Blood by Victor Yates

A Love Like Blood is a 2016 Lamba Literary Award Winner for LGBT debut fiction.

A Love Like Blood is completely different from anything I’ve ever read before. It was quite the privilege to see a new world that was presented to me. Victor’s writing style is one of a kind.

Carsten Tynes is too feminine for his father’s liking. So in order to gain his love Carsten is the only of his brothers to take on their father’s passion of photography. Behind the lens of a camera Carsten feels free, but he’s not. Being half Somali he’s supposed to marry when he’s 18 and is constantly pushed by his father.

He see’s how gays are treated within his community and it is suffocating. This story isn’t about romance, love, acceptance.

For Carsten Tynes, it’s about liberation.



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