Love by Number by DJ Jamison

Love by Number by DJ Jamison

Aiden is hobby obsessed when it comes to the statistics of baseball. Numbers are a constant and are one thing that never lets one down. He goes to as many games home and away as he can to watch in person and get the most accurate information.

Jesse is a laid back, go with the flow, sort of fellow. He goes to all the home games for the Kansas City Royals with his grandfather. He’s not obsessed with the game, but loves the together time with grandpa.

When Jesse accidentally hits Aiden’s car after a winning game leading the Royals to the world series Aiden is distraught. How’s he supposed to get to St. Louis to watch the first game of the World Series now? Jesse’s grandfather offer’s Aiden Jesse’s assistance.

With Aiden being so meticulous and everything timed out to the T and Jesse not so much the car ride to St. Louis turns out to be quite the adventure. They bond, create chemistry, and more.

When the numbers go south and Aiden doesn’t act like Jesse expects the two hit a road block and Aiden runs. Leaving Jesse alone.

Will the two be able to salvage what the built on the way to St. Louis? Or is the friendship ruined before it really had a chance to grow?


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New Game, Start by CS Poe

New Game, Start by CS Poe

Edgar is the pure definition of introvert. He wakes up, eats breakfast, showers, puts on a clean pair of pajamas, sets up his work station in the living room and gets to it. Day in and day out . He hardly leaves his NYC apartment. His guilty pleasure in life is following the handsome, funny, and talented Walter; a gamer extraordinaire.

Walter sends out a tweet asking who is going to be at the gamer convention in NYC right before Christmas and Edgar can’t help himself but to respond. Then his phone makes an unfamiliar noise and he realizes that Walter has responded to his tweet!! Soon they find themselves having daily conversations and making plans to meet up when Walter arrives in NYC.

All could come crushing down thanks to a delayed subway, lack of cell service, and Edgar behind on work.

Dreamspinner Press:

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