Pernicious by Lainie Suzanne

Pernicious by Lainie Suzanne

Book #5 in the Nexus Series.

When Pernicious starts we’re thrown into the middle of a murder mystery and a human trafficking investigation. As we’ve learned from previous stories; there is no rest for the wicked, and that holds even greater truth now. Only as the investigation unfolds we learn and see more evidence on just exactly who is clean and who is filthy.

Between catching up with our favorite characters, experiencing some amazing sex, and beautiful family moments, we’re cast into the depths of human depravity and witness just how low humanity can go. All in the name of God.





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Addict by Matt Doyle

Addict by Matt Doyle

Cassandra “Cassie” Tam is a PI. She’d love to be a cop but corruption is not her thing. Late one night she’s awoken by a very distraught and desperate woman; Lori Redwood.

Lori, a tech shifter, found her brother Ben, a virtual reality junkie, dead in his home. Cops have ruled it a suicide but Lori disagrees. So she hires PI Tam to investigate into Ben’s death.

The more Cassie pulls at the clues the more convoluted the tale becomes.

NineStar Press:

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His to Protect (Secrets 3.5) by LK Shaw

His to Protect (Secrets 3.5) by LK Shaw

Det. Webber’s HEA!!!! FINALLY!!!!

Det. Daniel Webber’s career is skating on thin ice. He really needs to ensure he does everything by the book and doesn’t make any ripples. He’s resolved to be the best he can be when Katie walks in the door of his precinct declaring she’s witnessed a murder.

Even from across the room embers are starting to glow from their mutual attraction. As the fire grows so do the threats to both Daniel and Katie. Daniel must recruit help from the last person he wants to owe any favors to ensure Katie’s safety.

When that fails, how do you move forward?


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