With Grace by Samantha Wayland

With Grace by Samantha Wayland

Phillip and Grace are in a long term relationship. They’re very much in love, making plans for the future, there’s just something, or rather someone missing from the mix. Neither though has been able to upfront with the other on exactly what is missing.

Mark is the owner of Valentine’s, a boutique restaurant. Grace works as a hostess there and Mark has no issue flirting with her and Phillip. They hold no issues with flirting in return.

Then Valentine’s gets broken into and all three run to the restaurant to see what’s happened. After spending the night there they agree to all go back to Phillip’s apartment. Mark thinks he’s just going to crash on the couch, until Grace finally makes the move and they all sleep together on Phillip’s large bed.

As things get more tangled with the restaurant and the break-in, the relationship between the three continues to grow and flourish.

When the mob becomes involved will that be what breaks them? Or makes them stronger?


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Vice City by SA Stovall

Vice City by SA Stovall

Pierce has been the Vice family’s main enforcer for over two decades. He’s known for his no nonsense ways. When he’s there to witness the questioning of a suspected police mole something doesn’t fit. Pierce saves the kid and takes him under his wing.

Miles is grateful for Pierce. Nobody has ever had his back before. He has nothing to his name and the only way he can think to re-pay Pierce is by sexual favors. At first Pierce thinks of it as a great way to get his rocks off, until Miles slowly starts filling the voids in Pierce.

If Miles isn’t the mole, then who is?

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