Falling for Him by CL Mustafic

Falling for Him by CL Mustafic

Dr. Gavin Addison is going through a painful divorce. He caught his wife cheating, kicked her out, and now she won’t stop harassing him. This is how he meets Officer Lex Turner.

Lex is called out multiple times to Gavin’s house in response to Gavin’s ex wife. He hardly speaks in Gavin’s presence because he’s in lust and afraid he’ll say the wrong thing.

Once the divorce is final Riley, Gavin’s best friend, takes him out for a night on the town in hopes he’ll get laid. Gavin catches the eye of two people that night, one of them being Lex.

At the end of the night Gavin goes home with both Lex and his female companion for his first menage. Only it’s horribly awkward and Gavin pleads with Lex for a do over.

From here Lex and Gavin develop a friendship that quickly leads to more. While they’re developing and exploring these new feelings for each other Gavin’s ex is still wrecking havoc on his life and once Gavin’s mother finds out she’s bound and determined to set Gavin straight and get the demon known as Lex out of his grasp.

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Iron Intricacies by Zana King

Iron Intricacies by Zana King

Mara Thomas is a tattoo artist by day, Iron Fist junkie by night. Or really all the time. She’s not a huge heavy metal fan, but she’s obsessed with Iron Fist.

Just when her best friend, best friend’s finance, and Mara are about to embark on their vacation to fiance’s cabin an SOS is in order and Mara is just the person for the job.

Iron Fist’s assistant has a family emergency and they need a temporary one STAT. Mara is not happy that her vacation is “ruined” until she figures out the band she might be working for.

After arriving at the cabin a natural disaster occurs making all five of them locked in place until it’s cleared. What could five hormonal people do?


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A Bolt of Blue by Nicky Spencer Release Day Blitz

A Bolt of Blue by Nicky Spencer Release Day Blitz

Title:  A Bolt of Blue

Series: Angel’s, Book 1

Author: Nicky Spencer

Publisher:  Self-published

Release Date: November 10

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male Menage

Length: 90,000 words

Genre: Romance

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Ian Golinski has been in love with his best friend since he was fourteen years old. When he finally decides to confess his feelings, he finds that his perpetually single friend isn’t so single anymore. What’s a boy to do when he has to share the love of his life with someone else? Especially someone so damn hot? Dusty Smith has finally found The One. The only problem is The One clearly has feelings for someone else, even if he doesn’t realize it. Dusty has to convince his lover that they’re meant to be. But how does he do that when the other man turns out to be perfect for them both? Mitch Becker likes things nice and simple. But as his relationship with his boyfriend heats up, he starts developing feelings for his best friend. Suddenly his life is one big complication. How can he choose between two soul mates? Find out what happens when three men ask the question: What if we don’t have to choose? A Bolt of Blue is an m/m/m contemporary romance with a happy ending and no cliff-hanger. It is approximately 90,000 words and is a stand-alone.


I’m not sure I heard him right. Even if I did, I need to make sure I’m really clear on what he’s saying. “What do you mean?” I ask. Ian sighs into my ear. “I mean, what if it was the three of us? Together?” “All three of us?” I’m like a parrot. “Yeah.” “And how would that work?” I know how it would work sexually. I’ve seen plenty of porn, and there are a lot of really creative possibilities when you get three guys together. Just thinking about it is getting me hard. But I don’t think that’s what Ian means. At least, that’s not all he means. “Well, I don’t know exactly. It’s not like I’ve ever done it before. But I think…I mean, you have feelings for me, right?” He sounds so timid asking, and I wish he was here so I could show him how much he doesn’t need to worry about that. “You know I do.” “And I think Mitch does too. I hope he does. And I know how you guys feel about each other. So if we all feel that way, then why can’t we be together? There wouldn’t be anything to be jealous of. We would all be in it together.” I have to admit, it sounds appealing. Like really, really appealing. But it won’t work. “Mitch would never go for it. He’s way too traditional. He wants the white picket fence, the kids, the dog. The whole domestic bliss thing. He wants to get married. You can’t be married to two people.” “Not legally, no. I know it’s crazy. I’m just thinking out loud, mostly. But I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s the only way we all get what we want. Why can’t we all have what we want?” “Because that’s not how life works.” “Well, it should.” Yeah, it should. “It would be nice,” I say. “Can you picture it?” Ian asks. “Will you think about it with me for a minute?” “Okay.” “So imagine you and me. It’s a Sunday morning, and we sleep in late and then get up and make breakfast. Are you imagining it?” I nod, and then remember he can’t see me. “Yeah,” I say. “Imagine we spend the whole day just hanging out. Like we did that one day, remember? Only we don’t have to keep our distance. We can touch each other. I can brush your arm with my hand when I walk by you in the kitchen. You can kiss me in the bathroom when we’re brushing our teeth.” The picture makes me smile. “And then imagine that Mitch comes home. He was on a road trip, and he’s tired. And you’ve made dinner for him, and we all eat together. And then we sit on the couch, and I rub Mitch’s feet and you play with his hair. We’re watching some dumb movie on Netflix. Can you see it?” “Yes, I can see it.” I can, too. And it’s so sweet it makes my chest ache. I can practically smell Mitch’s hair, and hear him purr at Ian’s touch. He loves to have his feet rubbed. “And then the movie ends, and we all go to bed. Together.” I smile at that. “Who’s in the middle?” I ask. “Me,” Ian says without hesitation. I imagine myself spooned around him, my hands brushing along his stomach while he pushes his ass into my groin. And all the while I’m looking into Mitch’s eyes. He’s on his side facing us, reaching out to touch Ian’s face, but he’s looking at me. He’s so content and happy. He’s in love. I see him kissing Ian. Softly at first, but then with more intensity. I see my own hand running up and down Mitch’s arm while he presses his body against Ian’s. I hear the soft, wet sounds of their mouths moving together, and I reach out with my own tongue to trace the shell of Ian’s ear. “Dusty? Can you see it?” Ian asks, breaking into my reverie. “Yes,” I breathe. “Is it beautiful?” “It’s perfect.” “Tell me again why we can’t have that?” Ian asks. I think about what Erik said to me the other night, about how I always play it safe. And where has it gotten me? He wasn’t just talking about my career. Maybe it’s time I took a risk for love. Honestly, at this point, I have nothing to lose. “Maybe we can,” I say.

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Meet the Author

Nicky Spencer is a romance writer of all pairings. Nicky is a firm believer that love conquers all–that’s why her favorite theme is forbidden love. If two (or three!) people shouldn’t be together, Nicky will find a way to get them there. When you love someone, nothing else matters. Nicky live in Salt Lake City, Utah with no husband, no kids and a part-time dog. She loves to read, write, listen to podcasts, watch baseball and waste time on the internet. She is firmly anti-oxford comma.

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Iudicium by TC Orton

Iudicium by TC Orton

This is a choose your own adventure story!!! I’m pretty excited about this!!!

Fayt is the fantasy character we get to play. He’s half elf/half human; and has never belonged to either or any. When we meet him he’s on his way to prison. This particular prison is the worst. It houses the most sinister of beings, yet Fayt is a gentle soul, or maybe not.

Upon arriving the warden immediately points out Fayts feminine features and his beauty to the other inmates. Now he has a target on his back.

From here you, the reader, get to chose Fayt’s destiny.

Read the directions carefully and choose wisely my friends.


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It Could Happen by Mia Kerick

It Could Happen by Mia Kerick

Henry, Brody, and Danny are seniors in high school and have been best friends, inseparable, since their freshman year. As their senior year progresses a couple of the friends realize that they have stronger feelings than just friendship for the other two.

So they begin a threesome relationship. It’s nowhere near all flowers and rainbows as they have to navigate high school, bullying, religious parents, and life in general. Curve balls are constantly thrown at these three and after one major event everything seems to crumble.


Dreamspinner Press:

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Cherished by Two (Soul Match #2) by Morticia Knight

Cherished by Two (Soul Match #2) by Morticia Knight

Soul Match Book #2-You really need to read Slave for Two before jumping into this one.

Chris has just met with the supreme healer for the Alasharians and now knows there’s a difficult task set before him. One that will restore balance between the alien race and humans.

He’s also learning his role as Nasha to both Nary and Lasar while keeping of the facade of being their sex slave instead of bonded mate.

During a meditation session Chris learns more about the void that destroyed the Alasharians home planet, not knowing who to tell and who can be trusted becomes a game of skill.

All must be put aside for a sex party where we see just how horrific things have become.

With this triad, the lesson here, is never to lose hope.


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