MA Church

Dragon’s Hoard by M.A. Church

Dragon’s Hoard by M.A. Church

Warwick is a dragon shifter who lent out a loan with a century long payback period to an alpha werewolf. When the time came to be re-paid the Alpha avoided Warwick so the dragon shifter decided to make his presence known.

Alpha Montgomery was celebrating his son Avery’s 100th birthday. The year Avery becomes a man. When Warwick barges into the festivities unannounced. The moment Avery sees Warwick he knows that’s his mate. Warwick, upon smelling the most delightful scent ever finds Avery’s eyes, locks on, and knows the same truth.

So when it comes time to talk about the defaulted loan Warwick comes up with a different plan; not seize all of Alpha Montgomery’s assets, some yes, but not all, and include Avery in the new deal.


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