Contributors Talk GRL2017 Day 1

Contributors Talk GRL2017 Day 1

Four of the contributors for Jeff and Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast met up in a room at the hotel for GRL 2017 and talked day 1.  It was surreal to meet these other bloggers and to share our experiences.  Hope you enjoy!!

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What’s up Buttercup….October 01-06, 2017

What’s up Buttercup….October 01-06, 2017

This is my weekly ramblings where I discuss if I met my reading goals last week and what I plan to read this week; review next week.

I say in this episode that I have two books but it’s really three. Totally forgot about the third….OOPS….

1) MM-Contemporary romance from Dreamspinner Press.
2) YA-from Blue Moon Publishing
3) MM-Paranormal (That’s the one I forgot to mention)



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Torin by Lance Withton Blog Tour

Torin by Lance Withton Blog Tour

Title:  Torin
Author: Lance Withton
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: September 18, 2017
Heat Level: 5 – Erotica
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 40300
Genre: Contemporary, NineStar Press, LGBT, prostitution, sex work, degradation, kink, dirty talk

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Torin’s anxiety has made it difficult for him to navigate romantic relationships, so instead of trying, he keeps himself occupied with his work. But just because he doesn’t chase relationships doesn’t mean he doesn’t want something, even if he has to get it with a dash of taboo.
At Pillar, the only all-male brothel in the city, Torin makes an appointment with a charming sex worker who goes by the name “Davies.” It becomes hard for Torin to keep his emotions out of the intimacy, and his feelings become more complicated when a designer he works with starts to let on that his interest is more than platonic.



Lance Withton © 2017
All Rights Reserved
First Encounter
“Please look over the document to make sure we’ve got everything right.”
Mr. M slid the paper across the desk. Torin took it with nervous hands and glanced over the list.
While in Pillar, the city’s only all-male brothel and where he currently sat across from the establishment’s owner, Torin had spent far longer than he liked filling out an electronic document to make certain he’d vetoed everything he was uninterested in or made uncomfortable by. A summation of the results were now on the paper in his hands. The details on paper made the situation more real, somehow.
Torin had taken penetrative sex off the table, as well as oral sex and even undressing or touching below the waist. He’d made certain that his chosen worker wasn’t contractually able to do anything other than kiss him, and he was happy the owner and the lead screener hadn’t treated him oddly because of it.
“Have you finished reading?”
Torin glanced up at the owner, caught a glimpse of his gray hair, and focused back on the paper in his hand. He nodded.
“Do you need to make any amendments?”
Torin took a few minutes to reread the document, nodded to reassure himself he’d filled things out correctly, and then told Mr. M that he had no changes.
Torin released a nasal sigh and looked up at the owner. Mr. M was more personable than he’d expected the head of a brothel to be, but this was a working-class brothel, manned by desk staff in a front lounge while the rest of the building was hidden behind doors that led to a veritable maze of hallways. Mr. M was in many ways like a grandfather, which Torin thought should have been more unsettling than it was.
“Do you have any further questions?”
Torin swallowed and put the paper back on the desk. “I, ah… I do get a choice in who I—who I want to work with, don’t I?”
“Of course.” Mr. M opened a filing drawer in his desk and flicked through the files for several seconds before he finally pulled a few onto the table. He held them up one by one, opened them in front of himself, away from Torin’s eyes, and shuffled the contents. “Here are the best options for your specific desires. I’ve put the modest photos up front, so if you dig deeper, you’ll have to deal with something more provocative than you’d like.”
Torin nodded while he slid the files over to himself.
He glanced at the name on the tab of the first one: Holland. He opened the folder. On the left was a photo of a young redheaded man, sitting on a barstool in a photo room and laughing. He seemed sweet. Torin looked to the right and read the list of his specialties. Intimacy, anal and oral sex, age play, and a few more things Torin didn’t care to process. He slid the file aside.
The second file was labeled Pisces. Its inner left-hand side displayed a picture of a man who could have been twenty years old at most. His hair was dyed ocean blue and he was sprawled out on grass, hands tucked behind his head. If nothing else, he seemed mischievous. Like Holland, his specialties included intimacy and oral and anal sex, but beyond that, things strayed into fetish territory. Torin snapped the file shut. Across from him, Mr. M chuckled.
Torin picked up the third and final file.
“I would recommend Davies the most,” Mr. M said. Torin glanced up at his smiling face. “I hear he’s the best kisser.”
Torin gulped and opened the file. As he’d come to expect, there was a professional photo on the left. This photo was like Holland’s—Davies was on a barstool in a white studio. He was leaning over his knees, fingers laced and forearms resting on his thighs. He had common black hair and common brown eyes, but there was something about his cheekbones and his grin that Torin liked. He swallowed, hesitated, and lifted the corner of the picture to see the one beneath it. It was also modest, though was far more suggestive than the previous picture. Davies was prone on a bed, head lifted so he could look into the camera, and his fingers were laced under his chin. His eyes were half shut, and the smile on his face was nearly a smirk.
The right listed Davies’s specialties, but Torin didn’t read them because the last two lists had made him lose interest. He closed the file and set it on top of the other two.
“I’ll take Davies,” he said.
“Excellent.” Mr. M collected the files and stacked them on his side of the desk. “Does the agreement cover what you are and aren’t looking for?”
Torin glanced over the document a final time. “Yes.” He paused and looked up at Mr. M. “And this agreement… the—Davies has to follow it exactly, right?”
“Of course. And if at any point you decide that you don’t want to do something allowed by the contract, let him know. Even if you can’t say no physically or verbally, he’ll check in with you every now and then to make sure you’re all right. If you choose to see him repeatedly, you two will figure each other out and routine check-ins might become unnecessary or might happen only rarely.”
For no reason other than he was uncomfortable, Torin looked back down at the paper on the desk in front of him. “Do you—ah, do you have a pen I can use?”
Mr. M opened his drawer and handed him what must have been a fifty-dollar pen. Torin stared at it for several seconds before signing his name on the provided line and then dating his signature. There were a few pages after the basic agreement, listing certain rules and legally pertinent information, which Torin skimmed for anything alarming. He initialed and dated those pages before he handed the paper and pen to Mr. M.
Mr. M stood, and Torin followed his lead to the rear exit of the room, which led to the administrative hallway separated from the lounge for client confidentiality.
“I hope we’ll see you again soon,” Mr. M said.
Torin felt comforted by his smile. “You will,” he said. He offered his own smile. Mr. M opened the door for him, and after a farewell, they parted.
Torin headed down the hallway to the end where Ms. Madison’s office was located. She was one of two people who handled scheduling and was the only one in today. He stopped in front of her closed door and knocked with his shaking hand. He was going to do this. Torin was going to book time with a sex worker, and he wasn’t even going to have sex with him.
“Come in!” Ms. Madison called, and while he opened the door, Torin wondered how he’d gotten to the point in his life that he’d become so desperate for a shred of intimacy that he was paying someone to give it to him.
Ms. Madison’s office was half the size of Torin’s bedroom, and Torin lived in a midtown apartment. The woman wore cat-eye glasses the same red as her nail polish and had her hair up in a puffball of a bun. She and Torin worked out an afternoon appointment three weeks from then, after Torin left work. The following day was a free day for him. He thought he might need a day to ground himself after the experience. His nerves tended to get the best of him.


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


Meet the Author

Lance resides in the desert of Southern California, sees a minimum of 50 Joshua trees daily, and is surprised every time it rains. He fiddles with stories almost daily and has dozens, if not hundreds, of unfinished ideas lying around in his writing folder. When not trying to write something that keeps him interested, he spends his time whiling the day away with video games and related media.

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In Time I Dream About You by Gene Grant

In Time I Dream About You by Gene Grant

Gavin is a young black kid growing up in Detroit. He has his whole life planned when he does what he considered a good deed, but was actually getting himself involved in a gang. Now he must join or face dire consequences. The leader of the gang is anti-gay and when he finds out that Gavin is gay he frames Gavin for murder.

So Gavin retaliates in kind.

This ensures that Gavin is given cellmates that are affiliated with the gang and they make Gavin’s life a living hell. Until Cato arrives when Gavin is at his lowest. Cato’s from the future and helps Gavin learn a lesson in decisions the hard way.

Harmony Ink Press:

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The Nope–Book Tag

The Nope–Book Tag

I discuss books, authors, series, etc that have done me wrong.


I stole this from McKinlay’s Bookshelf:



NOPE. Book Tag Questions:

1. NOPE. Ending: A book ending that made you go NOPE either in denial, rage, or simply because the ending was crappy.

2. NOPE. Protagonist: A main character you dislike and drives you crazy.

3. NOPE. Series: A series that turned out to be one huge pile of NOPE. after you’ve invested all of that time and energy on it, or a series you gave up on because it wasn’t worth it anymore.

4. NOPE. Popular pairing: A “ship” you don’t support.

5. NOPE. Plot twist: A plot twist you didn’t see coming or didn’t like.

6. NOPE. Protagonist action/decision: A character decision that made you shake your head NOPE.

7. NOPE. Genre: A genre you will never read.

8. NOPE. Book format: Book formatting you hate and avoid buying until it comes out in a different edition

9. NOPE. Trope: A trope that makes you go NOPE.

10. NOPE. Recommendation: A book recommendation that is constantly hyped and pushed at you that you simply refuse to read.

11. NOPE. Cliche/pet peeve: A cliche or writing pet peeve that always makes you roll your eyes.

12. NOPE. Love interest: The love interest that’s not worthy of being one. A character you don’t think should have been a viable love interest.

13. NOPE. Book: A book that shouldn’t have existed that made you say NOPE.

14. NOPE. Villain: A scary villain/antagonist you would hate to cross and would make you run in the opposite direction.

15. NOPE. Death: A character death that still haunts you.

16. NOPE. Author: An author you had a bad experience reading for and have decided to quit.


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Puppet Boy by Christian Baines

Puppet Boy by Christian Baines

Eric is a senior in high school, aspiring film director, and teenage escort. He has a girlfriend named Mary and a newly acquired best friend, Julien.

Eric decides to pursue an experiment to ensure he has the best senior project. He also convinces the class they need to do Titus as their Shakespeare play. As the brutality of that tragedy unfolds we see more and more of the parallels in Eric’s life and those around him.

**This story is NOT a romance and features dark subjects along with dark humor.**



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LGBT Book Challenge

LGBT Book Challenge

I answer 30 questions, all book related, with LGBT themed books.


Happy Pride Month Everyone!!!!

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Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens

Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens

Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens is a group of people raising money for organizations working directly with gay men and other persecuted LGB T people from Chechnya and the northern Caucasus. They do this through direct donations, donating royalties to these charitable organizations, and an online auction to be held May 5–12.

Historical fantasy author EM Prazeman, who has donated an original story based on the prompt of the highest bidders choice to the auction, talks about why she decided to get involved:



Chechnya seems far away, and unimportant. Isn’t that always the way it seems? The world is such a big place, and there are so many people in it. There’s so much suffering. What can one person do about all that? It turns out that one person can do a lot for good, or ill.

As long as Putin backs me up, I can do everything, Allahu Akbar!”
Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen dictator*

I grew up in an era when a lot of the charities that people heard about or saw on television commercials were pretty lousy at delivering the help they promised. Feed the Children, one of the most famous charitable organizations in the US, went through scandal after scandal, and is in the midst of yet another lawsuit. At first we didn’t hear about it, but as the information emerged at a slow and uneven pace, it called the idea of giving at all into question. We learned to give directly, to give locally, and to volunteer.

But everything has changed now. Now I can give globally, directly. I didn’t have to guess about an organization’s track record. I could find out. When I saw what the Russian LGBT Network was doing, I had to help.

It’s probably hard to understand how helpless and frustrated I’d felt, and how free I feel now. I can create a graphic design and ship it to dozens of people scattered all over the globe, who can then share those designs, alter them, improve them, make them work so that people become aware of causes that they care about. I can send five dollars to Somalia in an instant. I can exchange emails with the head of a charity in Germany. The fact that I’d learned about what’s happening in Chechnya at all is amazing even as it chills me.

Now I can read about men at risk in Chechnya and do something tangible about it today instead of just being angry and sad about it.

After 11 days, he was released to a male relative, who was told that Maksim was gay. The security officers told the captives’ male relatives that, if they had any honor, they would kill the young men…**

I can’t give to every cause, or spend all day, every day volunteering. But I don’t have to. I can reach out to other people, and we can all help a little. A friend of mine likes to say, many hands make light work.

Thirty years ago I might have read about the graves, the tragedy, the shadowed after-effects of what had happened months or years after the fact, if at all. But it’s the year 2017 and a network is up and running to get people who are still alive and in danger right now out of Chechnya. They’re in the news, and they’re getting people at risk out of Chechnya right now. In a year or two, I fear it might be over one way or another but this is happening fast enough, fiercely enough that I think that we can save a lot of people. Real people. We can do this. Visit Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens or for more information.








EM Prazeman lives in the Pacific Northwest on small acreage, where she tends to goats, chickens, and both ornamental and produce gardens. This sounds more picturesque than the reality, though the view on the property is splendid. She is a Top Writer at, and has published to-date five novels and two short stories with four more coming out in 2017. Prazeman’s writing is influenced by Alexandre Dumas, JRR Tolkien, Sun Tzu, Niccoló Machiavelli, Hossam Ramzy, Akira Kurosawa, Frank Herbert, Leonardo DaVinci, Ursula LeGuin, Baldassare Castiglione, Hayao Miyazaki, and many other writers, visual artists and musicians.


“For me, writing, visual art and music are all mixed up. They’re the same activity. They’re just expressed in different mediums.” – EMP


By Dale Cameron Lowry


When the news started coming out of Chechnya about the organized police campaign of torture, imprisonment and murder being conducted against men perceived to be gay, it hit me hard.


Growing up in the Netherlands just a few decades after World War II, I learned to dread authoritarianism and genocide — authoritarianism’s frequent offspring — early on in life. On school and family outings we visited houses with secret rooms where families had provided refuge to Jews as they sought to escape Occupied Europe. Every summer, we would drive through northern Germany to see my cousins, and my mom would announce the sites of former concentration camps we passed along the way.


I felt compelled to do something about the situation in Chechnya — but what? How could I possibly help from the other side of the world?


On April 14, I got an email that mentioned the Russian LGBT Network, the main organization working to help vulnerable Chechens get to safety. Things started to click into place in my head. I figured out how I could help.


I started by setting aside some of the proceeds from my recently released anthology Falling Hard: Stories of Men in Love for the Russian LGBT Network. Then I asked other writers if they could do something similar.


Fantasy author Olivia Helling was one of the first to respond, and she also volunteered to organize a charity auction. Over the next week or so, the idea grew into an effort that now includes more than thirty writers, publishers, and other book people. We call ourselves Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens and, through royalties, other donations, and an online charity auction to be held May 5–12, we’re helping to make a difference.


Authors, publishers, and other book people are:

  • setting aside royalties for the Russian LGBT Network
  • making direct donations to organizations helping vulnerable Chechens
  • contributing signed paperbacks, cover design and editing services, ebook collections, bespoke short stories, characters named after readers, and more to an online auction with proceeds to benefit theRussian LGBT Network, ILGA-Europe and Rainbow Railroad, which are helping LGBT Chechens escape to safety.


I’m also maintaining a newsfeed with updates about the situation in Chechnya and what charities are doing to help. You can check it out here.


If you’re an author who would like to get involved, please sign up at Authors & Publishers for LGBT Chechens. There, you can also find answers to frequently asked questions about the auction, royalty donations, the charitable organizations that are helping out LGBT Chechens, and more.


If you are a reader who would like to learn more about the situation in Chechnya and how to help — including how to make a direct donation to a designated charity, buy a book from a participating author, or support the auction — please visit Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens.




Dale Cameron Lowry is a romance and speculative fiction writer living in the Upper Midwest with a partner and three cats. Queer Mormons, immigrants and emigrants, people with disabilities, multilingual folks, and others who spend their lives navigating multiple cultures often appear in Dale’s writing.


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