Tracker Hacker Codename: Winger by Jeff Adams

Tracker Hacker Codename: Winger by Jeff Adams

Theodore “Theo” is a 16 year old kid. He’s a little above average as he not only attends high school but also MIT. He plays hockey and has a boyfriend named Eddie.

The main thing that really makes Theo stand out amongst the other teens, yet nobody knows, is that he’s also an agent for a secret organization; like his parents. He works the tech aspect, safe in his room, nobody knows he exists.

Until his boyfriend is hurt, agents start to disappearing, implants become hijacked, and Theo’s father is missing. Now things get really personal.

How can a 16 year old kid help save the world while trying to be your average American boy?

Harmony Ink Press:

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Throwback Thursday: Hat Trick Trilogy by Jeff Adams

Throwback Thursday: Hat Trick Trilogy by Jeff Adams

Hat Trick (Simon and Alex-Book 1)
Simon Roberts and Alex Miller start their senior year as friends and teammates. Simon actually has a girlfriend but has noticed Alex in more than just a friendly manner. They’re roommates at an away game and after a late night one thing leads to another……commence make out session.

Only things are never quite so easy. There are members in Simon’s family that are not  accepting of this “new” Simon. Vengeance and hate become a theme in the background of Simon and Alex’s new romance.


Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound
Simon and Alex are in their sophomore year of college. Things seem to be going perfectly for the two until an attacker on campus starts targeting LGBT students. The attacks bring back the past and haunt Simon. Plus there are a couple jocks on the hockey team that don’t take Simon and Alex being a couple seriously.


Hat Trick 3: Penalty Shot
Simon and Alex are in their senior year of college when they’re approached by a kid, Scotty. Scotty just wants to play hockey like Simon and Alex but the league won’t let him because he’s gay. He begs Simon and Alex to coach a team of LGBT youth. They call upon their friends and teammates to help them with this endeavor. Plus, something major happens to Alex.




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