Ghost in the Mirror by Faith Gibson

Ghost in the Mirror by Faith Gibson

Samuel Dexter book #2.

Dex is starting to get the handle on being a medium with Cindy’s help. He’s getting things in order to get his P.I.’s license, and things are moving forward with Orlando, his boyfriend. Not smoothly, but forward.

Then their hometown is shaken by a series of killings. Orlando being a detective picks up the case. Dex and his partner pick up a missing person’s investigation that ends up having quite the similarities to Orlando’s case.

With Dex still being haunted from ghosts past, trying to communicate with ghosts present, and find this missing person, things at home are strained. Too many items might be in the air and Dex nor Orlando might be able to save them if/when they come crashing down.


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Cover Reveal…Ghost in the Water by Faith Gibson

Cover Reveal…Ghost in the Water by Faith Gibson


There’s a serial killer in Robins, Alabama…

And he’s targeting women who look like the missing young woman Samuel Dexter and his PI mentor, Jillian, are searching for. As Sam trains to become a Private Investigator, he is also learning more about being a medium. During his missing persons case, two ghosts contact Sam, allowing him to put both new sets of skills to use.

In Orlando Shaw’s years as a detective in small town Robins, he’s never come up against a serial killer. Until now. The killer is smart, leaving only the most elusive clues behind. Orlando has always relied on his team, but as the killer continues to evade capture, Orlando turns to the one person who has connections beyond his reach – his lover, Sam.

Navigating the rough waters of their reunion, Sam and Orlando learn there is give and take in a relationship. The love they felt as teens is gone, replaced with a more mature love, and it will take compromise by both men to make it work.

With the help of his little ghost, Cindy, Sam embraces his new gifts as together they help solve another crime.


Here’s the review for Ghost in the Mirror if you haven’t read the first yet:

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Photographer: Randy L Sewell

Cover Designer: Jay Aheer of Simply Defined Art


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A Boy Worth Knowing by Jennifer Cosgrove

A Boy Worth Knowing by Jennifer Cosgrove

Nate Shaw can see and speak to ghosts. This means he’s seen talking to himself frequently giving him the label as freak at school. Even some of his family have cast him aside because of his ability.

Then walks in James. James is new to the school and Nate has been instructed to show him the ropes. The two quickly build a friendship. Only, James has an entity stuck to him, the reason he’s moved to Nate’s little town. Plus, James is on a mission, and Nate knows all the answers from his ghostly conversations.

NineStar Press:

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