Power Play: 39 Juniper Court by Lainie Suzanne

Power Play: 39 Juniper Court by Lainie Suzanne

Nina and Sully Sullivan were high school sweethearts. Now they’re older, their three children have left the nest and it’s back to being just Nina and Sully. After Nina has an epiphany one morning she tries something new to spice up her life.

Sully works for the company his grandfather started and Nina runs the office. She’s going to try to grab Sully’s attention, only the attention she grabs is not from Sully and it’s rather embarrassing. So she goes for the direct approach.

Nina and Sully begin a fast paced decent into kink, some BDSM, and playing with the Dom/sub lifestyle.

There’s a lot of trial and error, laughs, love, embarrassing moments, and multiple orgasms along the way to getting the spark back into their sex lives.


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Jared’s Evolution by Riley Hart

Jared’s Evolution by Riley Hart

Jared is an attorney. He’s a powerhouse in the courtroom and for his clients. He’s a mess in his personal life. Without the direction of work he’s lost.

Kieran is Jared’s neighbor. He stepped outside one night and heard Jared’s unique kink of porn playing. Kieran realized that Jared was in need of his Daddy services.

Slowly and with a lot of turbulence Jared and Kieran form a Daddy/boy relationship.


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