Oracle (The Guardians of Truth) by Andi Copeland

Oracle (The Guardians of Truth) by Andi Copeland

Oracle is a YA fantasy story where the world of demons, angels, guardians join that of the humans. Especially one human woman that is selected to be the Oracle; keeper to the secrets of heaven.

Rhennan is your typical 18 year old teenager. She’s in her last year of high school, goes out with her best friend every day after school, has future plans. Then things begin to change almost immediately after turning 18. Dreams she never remembered before are now fierce and unrelenting. She sees and senses things within the shadows. Is she crazy?

Her grandmother and mother have been arguing more lately and Rhennan knows it’s because of her but she doesn’t understand why. Things around the house are starting to become more questionable everyday. Who can Rhennan trust with everyone withholding secrets?

Thanks to nobody informing Rhennan of what she truly is and destined to become she makes a fatal error in judgement and only sees one way out.

Will she be forgiven by those she loves for her decision? Will she be able to forgive those that deceived her?


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Daimonion by JP Jackson

Daimonion by JP Jackson

Dati is a demon. His job for the Master is to mark children that show the demon fire. He’s on such a mission when thwarted by a white witch where he makes a promise to keep her son Alyx away from the dark.

Alex is the dark.

A group of servants, Dati included, has decided they want to break free from Master after he gives them an assignment. They seem to forget with every promise there is a price.

NineStar Press:

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Throwback Thursday-A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer

Throwback Thursday-A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer

Everyone keeps hyping up, and deservedly so, the Executive Office Series while A Time To Rise is a forgotten relic.  So I want to bring it back to everyone’s attention since it is my favorite book of Tal’s.

Alain is a member of the Swiss Guard, protector of the pope, and hand picked by the pope to be a hunter.  His Prey? The paranormal.  Only two other people besides Alain know exactly what he does.  This makes him an outcast.  Nobody understand him not wants to get to know him.  Same holds true for his partner Father Lotario.  He’s seen as a plague amongst priests.  Even when desperate times make Fr. Lotario call out for help, the cries fall upon deaf ears.

What starts off looking like a rogue ghoul is terrorizing the church Alain and Lotario go after it; guns, holy water, and vodka at the ready.  Just when they’re realizing there’s more to the story Luca, leader of the Swiss Guard, throws a wrench in Alain’s daily life by making a mentor to an ill mannered and tempered recruit.


How is Alain supposed to keep what he does a secret and be a mentor?



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