Sex, Spoons and Salsa by Isla Dennes

Sex, Spoons and Salsa by Isla Dennes

Sex, Spoons and Salsa is a story of self discovery through self deprecation, divorce, therapy, a hard headed father, and salsa lessons.

Fiona is a woman in her not so young 20’s anymore living back at home with her parents after discovering her husband’s infidelity. After weeks of moping around her parents say “enough” and send Fiona to therapy, which lead to salsa lessons, which lead to appreciation of self.

Only the ride isn’t that smooth. It’s filled with hilarious bumps, heart breaking bruises, and at one time the gloves finally come off.

Sex, Spoons and Salsa is a delightfully written romantic comedy where every character is relatable making the story that much more intimate, personal, and the humor close to home.

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Danced Close by Annabeth Albert

Danced Close by Annabeth Albert

Todd is a recovering addict working the front at a bakery. He refuses to go down any path that has potential to lead him back to the streets.

Kendall is gender fluid and one of the best wedding planners. He also frequently uses the bakery where Todd works for his LGBTQ clientele. The two have been skirting around each other until serendipity steps in and plays her hand.

Kendall was supposed to go to swing dance classes with his best friend until she backed out at the last minute.  Kendall notices how Todd sways his hips when listening to music and persuades him to take her place.  From here the true adventure awaits along with dark secrets, black pasts, and a hopeful future.


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