Daddy It’s Cold Outside

Daddy It’s Cold Outside by Max Walker

Daddy It’s Cold Outside by Max Walker

A MM holiday-second chance-love story.

Jude and Logan were the best of friends. They might have even fallen in love with each other, but Logan couldn’t be the word his grandmother spat at him. He wouldn’t. So he did something to extract himself from the situation….permanently.

Years later Logan is now an out and proud gay man. He’s also the owner of a multi-million dollar tech company. He’s proud of who he’s become.

Jude works for Logan’s company. When Jude applied Logan saw this as his golden ticket to a second chance with his best friend.

A series of unfortunate, or fortunate, events leads Jude and Logan to be alone in a large cabin stocked with all the booze. So they drink, talk, hash out the past, and have incredible sex.

What could possibly go wrong from here?


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