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The Visionary by Charli Coty

The Visionary by Charli Coty

Colin Page is just a normal 18 year old. He’s going to college, lives with his over protective mother, and can see colors around emotions and static items come to life for him. See? Normal.

Alonzo “Al” Green is a PI that has taken on the role of writing a wrong he didn’t realize he was making back in the day.

After they both stumble upon a dead body in the foyer of their apartment building Al takes it upon himself to do a little PI work into the murder. Colin finds himself far too interested and gets involved. What started as a simple murder turns out to be a whole huge plot for possible domination, death, and destruction.

Can Colin and Al stop the mad man behind the plan before Colin is taken for good?



NineStar Press:

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A Love Like Blood by Victor Yates

A Love Like Blood by Victor Yates

A Love Like Blood is a 2016 Lamba Literary Award Winner for LGBT debut fiction.

A Love Like Blood is completely different from anything I’ve ever read before. It was quite the privilege to see a new world that was presented to me. Victor’s writing style is one of a kind.

Carsten Tynes is too feminine for his father’s liking. So in order to gain his love Carsten is the only of his brothers to take on their father’s passion of photography. Behind the lens of a camera Carsten feels free, but he’s not. Being half Somali he’s supposed to marry when he’s 18 and is constantly pushed by his father.

He see’s how gays are treated within his community and it is suffocating. This story isn’t about romance, love, acceptance.

For Carsten Tynes, it’s about liberation.



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