Bone to Pick

Bone to Pick by TA Moore

Bone to Pick by TA Moore

Deputy Cloister Witte is a K-9 Officer for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. He has no ambition to move up the ladder. He’s perfectly content right where he is. He just needs himself, his dog, and to find all the missing people to help heal his past.

FBI Agent Javi Merlo has all the ambition that Witte does not. This is his big case, not only for his career but also because the missing child in question belongs to a family Merlo knows personally.

At first both men believe this to be an open-close case, a child ran away, got lost, but after finding some evidence, and forensics, they realize they have something completely different on their hands.

This isn’t the first time a child has gone missing from The Retreat, and if these two men can’t get their act together and play nice, it won’t be the last.

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