Battle Scars

Men of the Cross (Battle Scars #1) by Charlene Newcomb

Men of the Cross (Battle Scars #1) by Charlene Newcomb

Henry has left the comforts of his home against his father’s wishes to go fight in the crusades with King Richard for God and country. His father warns him that he knows nothing about the happenings of war but Henry has trained for this, he’s been knighted; he’s ready.

Stephen is a veteran. He has fought in many battles, seen men do many a horrible things. He’s quite drunk, boisterous, and telling quite the tales when Henry meets him for the first time in a tavern. From here they become good friends. Even though Stephen prefers the company of men. Henry has let him know that he is betrothed, and if he wasn’t he couldn’t betray God like in that manner.

As they venture closer to the holy land battles are fought, allies betray them, Henry experiences death of a close friend and he loses that last bit of innocence he held so close. Henry begins to question many things, most of all, his feelings toward Stephen.

As war moves forward Henry seems to be stuck. His legs and his horse are taking him where the king demands, but his heart and head are causing another war altogether.


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