Amy Rae Durreson

The Holly Groweth Green by Amy Rae Durreson

The Holly Groweth Green by Amy Rae Durreson

Former Navy Doctor Laurance Payne is on a train on his way home in December of 1946 when the train is stopped due to snow. Eventually he disembarks and heads into town to find out that the local establishment has no vacancy. So instead of waiting for a ride, he attempts an adventure, and tries to find the place on his own.

Laurence suffered a brain injury in the war and has difficulty deciphering his right from left and finds himself far from civilization and on the door step of a cabin. When a man opens the door Laurence realizes there might be someone out there more eccentric as himself. Especially when the man, Avery, begins to talk, and flick on candles by magic.

As the days go by Laurence starts to believe Avery’s tale of being centuries old and cursed by fairies. Then he wakes up on the 13th day of staying in the cabin to find himself alone and the cabin in disrepair. Did he hallucinate everything or was Avery right and now Laurence must find a way to break the curse?

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