A Holiday Crush

A Holiday Crush by CJane Elliot

A Holiday Crush by CJane Elliot

Brad is in a holiday funk, well, maybe a life funk. Many might say he’s experiencing a mid life crisis. He’s just won a big case and leaves the law firm early to go home. Celebrating isn’t on his agenda. He’s about to pass a bar when he hears tapping on the glass and see Michael on the other side. Michael filmed a few of the video depositions for the law firm and Brad had noticed him.

Michael is in love with everything Christmas. He plans and schedules many events for himself and his housemates. Now he’s dragging Brad along with them and Brad finds himself having more fun than he’s had in years. He’s finally letting things go.

Until a big misunderstanding pulls these two apart and Brad takes the time to just look at the world he’s created for himself and see if it’s really what he wants or if he’d rather have the spice of Michael in his life too.

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