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Sadistic Sherlock by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliot

Sadistic Sherlock by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliot

Dominic Walsh destroyed his past, walked away, and never looked back. For a while he roamed until he found Ward Security. There he found a job, friends, family, and home. Now if he could just get the man he’s crushing on to return the feelings.

Abraham Stevens is bisexual. Has known this for years but had a hot and heavy relationship with a girl in high school who got pregnant and they married young. Abe was dedicated to family, his wife was not. Now he’s ready to start dating again and he knows who he wants but he’s never been with a man before and he’s a bit nervous.

Just as the two start to kindle a relationship weird symbols start arriving on Dom’s house, then Abe’s, and other places. Showing both Dom and Abe that someone has a stalker.

Dom always looks panic stricken when the symbols arrive but refuses to talk leaving Abe without another option than to find the answer another way. Though it might be too late by the time Abe gets his answer.

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2yrkZns

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The Promise of Living by J. Lee Graham

The Promise of Living by J. Lee Graham

**This story mentions suicide, homicide, and mental illness.**

This is a coming of age story that takes place in the 70’s. Ryan and Dave are both juniors in high school getting ready to take over as seniors. They’ve spent their lives preparing for this role. Between school, the band, and working on a local dairy farm they dream about their future. Only they keep some dreams to themselves.

One day Ryan is hit with a vision so clear of a woman committing suicide. He’s distraught by the image, it’s clarity, the meaning. Is it real? When the visions continue he tells Dave.

Ryan and Dave then bring in a third person and together they try to figure exactly what is happening to Ryan. They all understand that with such great power comes great responsibility. If you don’t understand it what can you do? Especially if you see a murder happening but you don’t know when, who is being murdered, or who is the murderer.

Then a tragedy strikes Ryan so deep he feels he’ll never recover. His whole world is turned upside down.

From here he finds the strength to finally accept who he is in more ways than one.

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2N6XdGR

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Out of the Ashes by Ari McKay

Out of the Ashes by Ari McKay

Alpha Eli Hammond comes home from his annual fishing trip to find his entire pack gone. Some are dead. Most are missing. He smells the scents of a neighboring pack within his territory and goes into town to seek help.

Arden, half elven, sits on the council. He listens to Eli plead his case for help and watches the council rebuff his request. The council has been too long in peace. Arden finds Eli after the meeting and offers his assistance.

Immediately they both know there’s more to the story than a missing pack when their hands touch; they’re mates.

As the plot thickens, evil is unveiled, and mysteries are unsolved the mate bond between the two gets stronger, but Eli is hesitant to commit. Is he still an alpha without a pack? He should put all his effort into finding his pack before solidifying a mate bond. How can his mate not be a werewolf?

Should Eli find his pack and save the world first? Or ensure Arden is his mate?

Dreamspinner Press: http://bit.ly/1UF5trP
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2wqYmhk

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Seeker (The Guardians of Truth #2) by Andi Copeland

Seeker (The Guardians of Truth #2) by Andi Copeland

The Guardians of  Truth #2: Sequel to Oracle.

This story follows Nikira Ward. After she witnessed what she believed was her sister’s suicide in front of a winged monster, their house exploding, her mother missing, and now her gram in a coma; Kira must accept a horrible truth. Everyone has been lying to her for years.

As Nikira gets closer to 18 she begins to notice strange happenings. At first she believes them to be nothing of great consequence. Until her grandmother falls into a magical a coma. Her best friend, the boy she’s fallen madly in love with, turns out to be some godly guardian. He’s been watching over her since the day she was born. And finally, her sister might just be alive.

This is a story about nephilim and demons. Right and wrong. Finding your true self, accepting that, and rising to be the best you can be. Lines will be blurry. What the world considers evil may actually be the good guy in the end.

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2wkTxFY

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Trust With a Chaser by Annabeth Albert (Rainbow Cove #1)

Trust With a Chaser by Annabeth Albert (Rainbow Cove #1)

Mason Hicks is from Rainbow Cove. Now he’s back and starting a restaurant business with his two best friends Adam and Logan. Rainbow Tavern is going to show everyone that just because his last name is Hicks doesn’t mean he’s a worthless person.

Nash Flint is the local sheriff and seems to have misplaced his memo on Mason being an adult, mature, and not at all like his family.

While Mason is out and proud, Nash is living in the closet. Nash not only puts the sins on Mason’s father on Mason, but he also bears his father’s words and beliefs on his own. Nash Flint is a very complicated man.

Through a series of town vandalism, Rainbow Tavern not excluded, Nash and Mason start to become close. Although the secrecy weighs them down. It isn’t until Mason is handed a far larger responsibility that decisions must be made and Nash is going to have to either step out of the closet or lose Mason forever.

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2NWgUhg

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There’s No Tomorrow by Tanya Sands

There’s No Tomorrow by Tanya Sands

Dallas is the prodigal son. He left TX after a horrific event and now has returned. He’s ready to make a life a new there, join the motorcycle club his father once belonged to, and finally have family again.

Deidre is a single mother. Her life has been consumed by her daughter. She’s taken no time for herself and then she meets Dallas. First in the most unconventional way where he fills her dreams and then in real life. Where he quickly becomes a part of Deirdre and her daughter’s lives.

Together they make a mighty fine duo but Dallas can’t seem to keep his past out of his present and Deidre won’t let her daughter get hurt.

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2JL44zL

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Marital Advice to my Grandson Joel by Peter Davidson

Marital Advice to my Grandson Joel by Peter Davidson

The moment Peter Davidson knew his grandson was getting married he wanted to be able to pass down years of hard earned wisdom. Ensure that Joel has a successful marriage and the upper hand when it comes to all the tricks on how to make that happen.

What was meant to be some simple notes of advice quickly turned into a book.

Peter has divided the book into many meaningful sections for not only Joel but future students looking to hone their marriage skills, understand better their partners for life, and maybe sidestep unnecessary failures.

In these pages are personal stories from Peter, friends, family, and plain observations that will have you laughing, shaking your head, and acknowledging the truth to the words.

My advice? Pick up a couple paperback copies to have around for those times when you’re invited to a wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party, etc.

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2t5H7QH

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One by Brenda Murphy

One by Brenda Murphy

Mac makes the trip of a lifetime to Italy to see a live Formula One race. This was something her and her father had dreamed of, and when he died Mac decided it was now or never.

Lana was drawn to Mac the moment she saw her at the airport leaving the states and heading to Europe.

Mac is a woman of color, a military veteran with physical scars to show the world, and enough mental issues to fill up the baggage claim. She doesn’t understand why someone so poise like Lana would give her a second thought. From the moment Mac meets Lana nothing goes quite as planned. Both good and bad.

Mac tries to shake Lana, get her to see reason. Lana good do so much better, but Lana is an adult and needs Mac to understand that though she may lose her job with her father’s Formula One racing team; Lana believes Mac is worth that and more.


NineStar Press: http://bit.ly/28PScEh

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JXMzMk

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Whisper by Tal Bauer

Whisper by Tal Bauer

*Warning* The use of the phrase “Towel Head” is used in this review to extenuate a feeling for one of characters. This represents a derogatory slur that has been put out there by the world and does NOT represent my feelings towards Arabs in any fashion.”

Kris Caldera worked in a forgotten office of the CIA. Then September 11, 2001 and now he’s become one of their most valuable assets; a young, Puerto Rican, gay man who never hid his true self from the white boy club aka CIA.

Once deployed overseas Kris meets David. At first he doesn’t understand David’s angle. Why is always around? So close? Almost protective? David has wall’s up that even Allah can’t see into let alone Kris. Until they start to crack, quake, and fall.

David and Kris travel all over the middle east in search of terrorists. To avenge those lives lost, create important allies, and try to not lose their lives while falling in love in the one place on earth that would kill them for it.

Eventually a plan is foiled and everything goes to hell quickly. Kris is the lone survivor of an attack and David is….gone.

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2FerElq

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Ghost in the Mirror by Faith Gibson

Ghost in the Mirror by Faith Gibson

Samuel Dexter book #2.

Dex is starting to get the handle on being a medium with Cindy’s help. He’s getting things in order to get his P.I.’s license, and things are moving forward with Orlando, his boyfriend. Not smoothly, but forward.

Then their hometown is shaken by a series of killings. Orlando being a detective picks up the case. Dex and his partner pick up a missing person’s investigation that ends up having quite the similarities to Orlando’s case.

With Dex still being haunted from ghosts past, trying to communicate with ghosts present, and find this missing person, things at home are strained. Too many items might be in the air and Dex nor Orlando might be able to save them if/when they come crashing down.

Purchase: http://amzn.to/2oU7k3I

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