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The Jewel of Colorado-Complete Series-by Jason Collins

The Jewel of Colorado-Complete Series-by Jason Collins

Evan Carlson works at the First National Bank. He has two dreams; become banks manager and catch the attention of one Jacob Sanders.

The Sanders are “that” family. The one a small town thinks they know all about because of rumors and gossip. Jacob is in town helping his grandfather and goes to the bank to get the family stone re-appraised.

Jacob notices Evan immediately and requests Evan accompany him to the ranch where he’s taking the stone.

Skip to…….Stone is stolen during Evan and Jacob’s first date. They become detectives in trying to retrieve it. What could go wrong?

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Only His Touch by Elsa Winters

Only His Touch by Elsa Winters

Kurt used to love who he was, once he truly figured himself out. Until one fateful night when everything changed. He now sees himself as damaged, broken goods, not worthy of a relationship. Intimacy is something he believes he’ll never find again thanks to the scars; mentally, emotionally, and physically left upon him one night many years ago.

James is the owner of a local wine bar and instantly wants to get to know Kurt on a more personal level after meeting him at an event. Only James’s demons come back to haunt him on a regular basis. ┬áThe past never stays where it’s supposed too.

Between Kurt never taking off his shirt, James’s past and reputation, along with a few other intense curve balls thrown there way; intimacy seems to be a lost cause.

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Dark Lessons by Julia Sykes

Dark Lessons by Julia Sykes

If you’ve followed the Impossible Series (not necessary to read this book) then you’ve already met main MC Jason Harper. He’s put on a nice front, but lately we’ve seen some cracks in that armor.

Sam, our friendly cyber chick, recently relayed some information about how the love of Jason’s life was killed.

Dark Lessons is the story of how Jason met Natalie.

After a night of “friendly” liaisons they part ways only to discover that Natalie is a recruit for the FBI and Jason is an instructor. Jason can’t let her go. She’s a natural submissive to his Dom. The chemistry between the two is palpable. They chose to move forward in their relationship, Natalie learning the workings of BDSM in the most unconventional way. Until she’s murdered during a training exercise.

Or is she?



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The Visionary by Charli Coty

The Visionary by Charli Coty

Colin Page is just a normal 18 year old. He’s going to college, lives with his over protective mother, and can see colors around emotions and static items come to life for him. See? Normal.

Alonzo “Al” Green is a PI that has taken on the role of writing a wrong he didn’t realize he was making back in the day.

After they both stumble upon a dead body in the foyer of their apartment building Al takes it upon himself to do a little PI work into the murder. Colin finds himself far too interested and gets involved. What started as a simple murder turns out to be a whole huge plot for possible domination, death, and destruction.

Can Colin and Al stop the mad man behind the plan before Colin is taken for good?



NineStar Press: http://bit.ly/28PScEh
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2mAdeo7

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