How I do reviews….

I’m constantly in a light edit mode. It cannot be shut off.

When I’m reading your book for review, I’m also looking for errors. Not because I want to downgrade your review, but because I want to ensure you’re putting out the best possible story.

If these errors accumulate into the story being a 3 star review or below, I will notify you. I will send you an e-mail or PM, which ever you prefer. I’ll explain the issues and provide examples from the book.

  • If you agree that at this time a review is not what you prefer, you have some options:

    Depending on how much editing needs to be done, I will provide you with recommendations for where you can take your book for editing/proofreading.
    You can disagree with my findings and I will put out the review you requested.
    You can request I don’t review your book at all.

  • If you don’t respond to my attempts to contact you, I will move forward with the review process.
  • If I feel your book puts down a whole group of people I will DNF (do not finish). If I feel it’s because you, the author, are inexperienced then I will take this as a beginner’s error and attempt to discuss the topic intersectionally with you. If you are an established author and thought it was okay to put down another group, then I will first contact you to make sure that I have correctly understood your underlying message. If I did understand correctly, I WILL do a review and explain my findings.
  • Lastly, I read and promote queer-straight. I don’t discriminate and I won’t allow you to try to promote your discriminations through me.

If you agree with everything above then please send your review request. I look forward to reading and working with you.


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