Day: November 15, 2018

High Lonesome by Tanya Chris

High Lonesome by Tanya Chris

High Lonesome is a cabin at the top of a mountain. It’s either the beginning of a journey or a break while trekking from cabin to cabin.

Joe the caretaker just shuffled out a group of mountain climbers so they could get to the bottom before a large snow storm. Now he needs to clean the cabin and get it ready. He’s in the process when he finds someone left behind.

Tanner is not a mountain climber by any means, nor is he staying in the cabin to benefit his health. He has a meeting to commit treason and he’ll be damned if he misses his opportunity to make money to fund his drug addiction.

Pytor is a government agent meant to intercept the selling of plans. A storm won’t hinder him from making it to his extraction point.

Together the three form an unlikely bond and work together to ensure that everyone comes out alive in the end. If they happen to enjoy some sexy times and brew up some feelings….benefits of the job.


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