Day: October 29, 2018

Songs of the Sea by Dean Frech

Songs of the Sea by Dean Frech

**My headache must have been worse than I thought as I didn’t realize my glasses were fogged until editing. Sorry.**

Sartin is one of the only single merman in his pod. He’s been of age for a few years now but has yet to hear the song of his mate. He’s hoping that this year’s Winter Meeting will be different.

Sommar has watched Sartin for years now waiting for his turn to be shown as available. This is his year. He’s ready to finally claim who he knows in his heart is his mate. Only the fates never make things that simple.

The Winter Meeting suffered the biggest storm they’ve ever encountered and Sartin is lost at sea. He’s saved by Maru, a land person. Sartin cannot hear the songs of his people, nor the song of Sommar in his head. He believes he’s the only merperson to have survived the storm.

Sartin grieves and then allows himself to open up to Maru and form a relationship. Soon Maru’s village too, until they feel he’s betrayed them. Then a song is heard and Sartin rejoices, but will it be enough or in time?

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