Day: September 18, 2018

Bad Company by KA Mitchell

Bad Company by KA Mitchell

*This the second edition*

Nate and Kellan used to be best friends until Kellan outs Nate and doesn’t stand by his side. With that and an incident between their fathers, Nate has had no use for Kellan. Kellan though has great use….NEED of Nate.

Years later after many relationships and a few failed engagements Kellan’s father decides to put the stop to Kellan’s shenanigans. Kellan then informs his father that he’s gay. Now to find a boyfriend. This is where Nate comes in.

Together the two very badly attempt a “fake boyfriends” relationship that brews into something more. All the while trying to foil Kellan’s father’s plans for the city and expose him for what he is.

Dreamspinner Press:

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