Day: September 11, 2018

The Promise of Living by J. Lee Graham

The Promise of Living by J. Lee Graham

**This story mentions suicide, homicide, and mental illness.**

This is a coming of age story that takes place in the 70’s. Ryan and Dave are both juniors in high school getting ready to take over as seniors. They’ve spent their lives preparing for this role. Between school, the band, and working on a local dairy farm they dream about their future. Only they keep some dreams to themselves.

One day Ryan is hit with a vision so clear of a woman committing suicide. He’s distraught by the image, it’s clarity, the meaning. Is it real? When the visions continue he tells Dave.

Ryan and Dave then bring in a third person and together they try to figure exactly what is happening to Ryan. They all understand that with such great power comes great responsibility. If you don’t understand it what can you do? Especially if you see a murder happening but you don’t know when, who is being murdered, or who is the murderer.

Then a tragedy strikes Ryan so deep he feels he’ll never recover. His whole world is turned upside down.

From here he finds the strength to finally accept who he is in more ways than one.


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