Day: August 29, 2018

Set Ablaze by KC Burn

Set Ablaze by KC Burn

Hayden left Small Town, CA after his parents threatened him with conversation therapy when he came out. He moved in with his grandmother and has never looked back. He’s now a firefighter, living alone, and starting to feel lonely.

Miguel is Hayden’s best friend and calls him frantic needing a favor. Miguel’s little brother is moving back from NYC where he had a Broadway career and needs a place to crash. Hayden remembers a lanky teenager with hero worship and is hesitant to commit, but relents.

When Jez, Miguel’s brother, shows up he’s no longer the little kid and immediately both men feel the chemistry. Only Jez has left NYC for a reason and has a major secret he’s keeping and Hayden doesn’t know if he’s ready to date his best friend’s brother.

Dreamspinner Press:

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