Day: August 23, 2018

Out of the Ashes by Ari McKay

Out of the Ashes by Ari McKay

Alpha Eli Hammond comes home from his annual fishing trip to find his entire pack gone. Some are dead. Most are missing. He smells the scents of a neighboring pack within his territory and goes into town to seek help.

Arden, half elven, sits on the council. He listens to Eli plead his case for help and watches the council rebuff his request. The council has been too long in peace. Arden finds Eli after the meeting and offers his assistance.

Immediately they both know there’s more to the story than a missing pack when their hands touch; they’re mates.

As the plot thickens, evil is unveiled, and mysteries are unsolved the mate bond between the two gets stronger, but Eli is hesitant to commit. Is he still an alpha without a pack? He should put all his effort into finding his pack before solidifying a mate bond. How can his mate not be a werewolf?

Should Eli find his pack and save the world first? Or ensure Arden is his mate?

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