Day: July 17, 2018

Trust With a Chaser by Annabeth Albert (Rainbow Cove #1)

Trust With a Chaser by Annabeth Albert (Rainbow Cove #1)

Mason Hicks is from Rainbow Cove. Now he’s back and starting a restaurant business with his two best friends Adam and Logan. Rainbow Tavern is going to show everyone that just because his last name is Hicks doesn’t mean he’s a worthless person.

Nash Flint is the local sheriff and seems to have misplaced his memo on Mason being an adult, mature, and not at all like his family.

While Mason is out and proud, Nash is living in the closet. Nash not only puts the sins on Mason’s father on Mason, but he also bears his father’s words and beliefs on his own. Nash Flint is a very complicated man.

Through a series of town vandalism, Rainbow Tavern not excluded, Nash and Mason start to become close. Although the secrecy weighs them down. It isn’t until Mason is handed a far larger responsibility that decisions must be made and Nash is going to have to either step out of the closet or lose Mason forever.


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