Day: June 7, 2018

Finding Mr. Wright by BA Tortuga

Finding Mr. Wright by BA Tortuga

This is the Leanin’ N Ranch #2.

Mason is a wedding/event planner in Aspen, CO. He specializes in queer events and loves holding festivities at the Leanin’ N Ranch. He’s currently planning a wedding being held at the ranch with the theme of redneck chic. Everything is going to plans until Noah shows up.

Noah is an oil tycoon and is footing the bill for his sibling’s wedding. When he shows up the wedding seems to be going as planned until he realizes that everyone has assumed Sammy is a he, when in fact Sammy is a she.

Thanks to last minute changes, errands, and weather; Noah and Mason find themselves alone.

Through turmoil and apologies the two find themselves in a long distance relationship. They must fight the distance, intrusive family members, and time.

Dreamspinner Press:

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