Day: May 23, 2018

Camp H.O.W.L. by Bru Baker

Camp H.O.W.L. by Bru Baker

Werewolves are supposed to make the change during puberty. It seems that the gods didn’t get Adrian’s coming of age memo and forgot about his change.

Now he’s in his twenties, still a member of the pack, but human. He’s across the country for business, a pack run business, when he falls ill. He doesn’t believe it to be anything serious although the signs are pointing otherwise. Until he finds himself in the hospital.

Dr. Tate Lewis works at Camp H.O.W.L. A prestigious camp that caters to weres coming of age. They help with the physical aspect of the transition but also social, mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. Tate didn’t have such a luxury when he changed. The ways of his pack were barbaric. He finds solace in his work.

When Tate sees that the new camper is much older, more wise, and put together than what he’s used to he sort of scampers away. He’ll do what he must from a professional stand point, but no more.

Only fate doesn’t listen to Tate’s pleas. Destiny has already been decided for him and Adrian. Now they must follow the path.

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