Day: May 8, 2018

Swimming to Freedom by Robbie Michaels

Swimming to Freedom by Robbie Michaels

Brandon has always found solace in the water. It’s a place he can leave all his worries, life, and his father behind. When his dad takes notice at how well Brandon is at swimming he sells his company and becomes Brandon’s personal coach.

Brandon’s dad is rude, crude, vulgar, a homophobe, and just a down right horrible person. Brandon’s not allowed many luxuries in life as they’re seen as distractions. Things that will take him off his path to the Olympics.

Tyler is a swimmer for another school. The two bump into each other at a meet and share a common connection. Their relationship is a hard one to build and continue. It must remain a secret from Brandon’s father and the day he finds out is the day Brandon finds himself homeless, and shortly after living under a bridge.

Brandon must find the will to continue living, the strength to move forward, and enjoy the life he’s found.

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