Day: April 24, 2018

Whisper by Tal Bauer

Whisper by Tal Bauer

*Warning* The use of the phrase “Towel Head” is used in this review to extenuate a feeling for one of characters. This represents a derogatory slur that has been put out there by the world and does NOT represent my feelings towards Arabs in any fashion.”

Kris Caldera worked in a forgotten office of the CIA. Then September 11, 2001 and now he’s become one of their most valuable assets; a young, Puerto Rican, gay man who never hid his true self from the white boy club aka CIA.

Once deployed overseas Kris meets David. At first he doesn’t understand David’s angle. Why is always around? So close? Almost protective? David has wall’s up that even Allah can’t see into let alone Kris. Until they start to crack, quake, and fall.

David and Kris travel all over the middle east in search of terrorists. To avenge those lives lost, create important allies, and try to not lose their lives while falling in love in the one place on earth that would kill them for it.

Eventually a plan is foiled and everything goes to hell quickly. Kris is the lone survivor of an attack and David is….gone.


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