Day: April 18, 2018

Bases Loaded by Sean Michael

Bases Loaded by Sean Michael

When seasoned baseball player Brett is injured he tries everything to be able to play one more year of ball. He’s so close to retirement but he wants to do it on his terms, not because of some injury. After conventional treatment fails the teams sends him away from the city and to the south for some unconventional methods. Brett and his boyfriend Benj pack up and temporarily move to the south.

Ralph and his cajun lover Jean run this hidden gem of a rehabilitation center. They’ve dealt with many different injuries, people, and their personas. Not quite sure they’re ready to handle the bear that is about to be dropped off at their door in the form of Brett with his poor boyfriend trailing behind.

Brett must figure out a way to follow his new regiment while still maintaining his true self, which is quite difficult. Becomes even harder after a turn of events leaves Brett in the hospital and Benj stepping up to the plate to show he’s strong and Brett said.

Dreamspinner Press:

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