Day: January 9, 2018

Skin by Christian Baines

Skin by Christian Baines

I must warn you, give you a heads up, pronounce to the world and the great beyond….this story is N.O.T. a romance. Skin is a general fiction piece of literature with queer lead characters. There are sexual acts on many of the pages, just for the purpose of having sex, nothing more, possibly less.

Skin follows the lives of three humans and a flamboyantly charming but deadly voodoo spirit. There really isn’t a lot to be said without giving the story away or accidentally throwing out a hint. Just know that you’re mind is going to be thoroughly tricked. Christian takes it for a wild ride of guesses, assumptions, pain, hurt, awe, amazement, and very tumultuous feelings.

We also get to see humanity at it’s most basic. There is no glitz or glamour. We’re walking the back streets of New Orleans. Hearing slang worlds/phrases, vulgarity at every turn, racism, bigotry, homophobia, lewd/crude/brash behavior, raw, humanity.

Christian writes, orchestrates, and conducts this story brilliantly.

Get ready for the trip of the year…..

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