Day: January 2, 2018

Unwrapping Daddy by Lisa Lace

Unwrapping Daddy by Lisa Lace

Zoe is an only child and her parent’s are now retired and constantly galavanting across the world. She’s very close to her best friend Laura and Laura’s kids, they even call her Aunt Zoe, but she’s never let herself feel apart of the family. She always holds herself back.

TJ is Laura’s brother. He had no ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps and the moment he could leave their small town and make something of himself he did just that; and more.

Zoe decides she’s ready to meet Mr. Right and joins a dating app. This is where she meets Tom. He’s smart, sophisticated, funny, and as a bonus, wealthy. They haven’t exchanged pictures of each other because they wanted to make sure their personalities worked together first.

Come the day of the big reveal Tom is in town after his sister begs him to come back for a visit. Plus now he gets to meet Zoe. Win-Win. When Zoe opens her apartment door looking all sorts of sexy she’s greeted by TJ, Laura’s obnoxious brother, not realizing that’s her Tom.

The road from there only gets more bumpy and hilarious as the two try to tread water and remember the connection they had through conversations over the app.

Something drastic occurs that must pull them together for the sake of Laura’s children. From here the true capability test begins.


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