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Clean Slate Book Tag

Clean Slate Book Tag

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TAG Questions:
1). Are there any genres that you’re going to read more of or less of in 2018?

2). Are there any books you have recently read that changed or challenged some of your own philosophies and beliefs?

3)Who would you recommend for a ”newbie” to watch?
Steph’s Rom Book Talk:
McKinlay’s Bookshelf:

4). Do you have a reading book bucket list?

5). What is it about BookTube that has surprised you the most?

6). What are some of your goals? (Doesn’t have to be just related to BookTube).

7). If you could meet (dead or alive) any writer, artist, or musician who would they be?

8). Would you rather have your life written by your favorite author or be portrayed in a movie by your favorite actor/actress?

9). What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome or would still like to improve upon in regards to your channel?

10). What advice would you give to someone that is thinking about deleting their BookTube channel?

11). Who do you tag?
McKinlay’s Bookshelf…

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Skin by Christian Baines

Skin by Christian Baines

I must warn you, give you a heads up, pronounce to the world and the great beyond….this story is N.O.T. a romance. Skin is a general fiction piece of literature with queer lead characters. There are sexual acts on many of the pages, just for the purpose of having sex, nothing more, possibly less.

Skin follows the lives of three humans and a flamboyantly charming but deadly voodoo spirit. There really isn’t a lot to be said without giving the story away or accidentally throwing out a hint. Just know that you’re mind is going to be thoroughly tricked. Christian takes it for a wild ride of guesses, assumptions, pain, hurt, awe, amazement, and very tumultuous feelings.

We also get to see humanity at it’s most basic. There is no glitz or glamour. We’re walking the back streets of New Orleans. Hearing slang worlds/phrases, vulgarity at every turn, racism, bigotry, homophobia, lewd/crude/brash behavior, raw, humanity.

Christian writes, orchestrates, and conducts this story brilliantly.

Get ready for the trip of the year…..

Bold Stroke Books:

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Protecting His Omega by Giovanna Reaves

Protecting His Omega by Giovanna Reaves

This is a non-shifter/Alpha-Beta-Omega/m-preg lite story

Phoenix Harcourt is the CEO of a multi-million dollar empire, a single father, and also an omega. Him being an omega has caused a lot of issues in his life. His parents kicked him out of his house after they realized he was an Omega and many at work don’t like the idea of him being in charge.

He’s worked hard. From being a kid on the streets to now CEO. He started to get idle threats but didn’t take them seriously until they targeted his daughter Jasmine.

Lucius Payne is a military veteran who now runs his own security company. He’s asked to come help out a colleagues friend. The moment Lucius steps foot inside of Phoenix’s house, their eyes meet, they deeply inhale, they both know: they’re mates. Phoenix takes the news rather hard. After his disastrous relationship with Jasmine’s father Corey, his accidental mate who died in the line of duty, Phoenix is hard to win over. Plus with someone bound and determined to take everything from Phoenix both men have a lot on their hands.

Can they mate and have a happily ever after? Or will they fall victim to the taunts?


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What’s up Buttercup…Week of January 07, 2018

What’s up Buttercup…Week of January 07, 2018

Weekly update of what goals have been met, setting new goals, what you can expect to see and what books I’ll be reading this week.

Plus misc ramblings.


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Unwrapping Daddy by Lisa Lace

Unwrapping Daddy by Lisa Lace

Zoe is an only child and her parent’s are now retired and constantly galavanting across the world. She’s very close to her best friend Laura and Laura’s kids, they even call her Aunt Zoe, but she’s never let herself feel apart of the family. She always holds herself back.

TJ is Laura’s brother. He had no ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps and the moment he could leave their small town and make something of himself he did just that; and more.

Zoe decides she’s ready to meet Mr. Right and joins a dating app. This is where she meets Tom. He’s smart, sophisticated, funny, and as a bonus, wealthy. They haven’t exchanged pictures of each other because they wanted to make sure their personalities worked together first.

Come the day of the big reveal Tom is in town after his sister begs him to come back for a visit. Plus now he gets to meet Zoe. Win-Win. When Zoe opens her apartment door looking all sorts of sexy she’s greeted by TJ, Laura’s obnoxious brother, not realizing that’s her Tom.

The road from there only gets more bumpy and hilarious as the two try to tread water and remember the connection they had through conversations over the app.

Something drastic occurs that must pull them together for the sake of Laura’s children. From here the true capability test begins.


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What’s up Buttercup…Week of January 01, 2018

What’s up Buttercup…Week of January 01, 2018

A weekly update on if I met last weeks goals, what you can expect this week, and setting of new goals with a side of misc ramblings. Plus…

A quick recap of 2017 and what I’m hoping will come from 2018.


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