Day: December 7, 2017

Clipped by Devon McCormack

Clipped by Devon McCormack

*Must love dark, dirty, sinister plot lines with a side of blood.*

Time to dump all the things you learned in Sunday school and prepare yourself for the re-telling of creation.

Kinzer was once an angel until he followed God’s ex-lover Satan into hell. Then he became a spy.

Things not going according to plan Kinzer awakens and finds himself in a very seedy establishment and a possession to a man named Jerry. Kinzer is bruised and battered. His wings have been clipped, powers stripped, and he’s essentially a mortal.

After freeing himself and Kid from Jerry’s Kinzer is adamant he must find others to relay what has happened. There’s a mole in their organization.

War is upon them. Battles are fought, freedoms lost, and betrayals unveiled. Who can they trust?


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