Day: November 20, 2017

Urijah by Faith Gibson

Urijah by Faith Gibson

This is book #10 in the Stone Society Series.

We’re on the brink of war and Banyan, Urijah’s mate, makes the ultimate sacrifice so that Uri will finally be happy and free. Once the battle is over Banyan leaves Greece and heads back home, to the land where he grew up, the place he met Uri. He needs to ground himself before heading to his parent’s house so that he can take his rightful title.

Uri stays with the Stone Society to say farewell to their dead. Uri lost a lot in this battle. He decides to head back to his homeland, to his parents, and calm his beast.

Both men are headed in the same direction, but at different times. Uri believes he can never forgive Banyan for what he did in the past. Uri also wants to hate him for his loss of friend on the battle field. He believes being back home will help.

Both men being back to their rightful homes gives them perspective on the past, present, and possible future. With one taking the family title and the other seeking wisdom and solace from his family, they might actually be able to obtain their most wished desires; each other.


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