Day: October 11, 2017

M4M by Rick R. Reed

M4M by Rick R. Reed

M4M is a story that follows Ethan Schwartz through three major events of his life: finding love, losing life as he knows it, finding happiness again.

In section one Rick reminds us of the tortures of online dating. The social stigma to be perfect when the whole reason you’re on the dating site is because you know you’re not.

Section two we witness Ethan breakdown after his life is completely altered by a simple phrase spoken by his doctor. He feels betrayed, bitter, angry, and more alone than ever. We get to see him rise from the ashes and find his balance again.

In section two our hearts are ripped out by the raw pain that Ethan is going through. His grieve leaks from the pages of the story and into our hearts. It takes a blast from his past to really motivate him to accept happiness again.

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