Day: October 3, 2017

Damage Control by Lynn Van Dorn

Damage Control by Lynn Van Dorn

Debut Author #5

Tyler is an up and coming movie star when a scandal of epic proportions hits. It’s a minor, or major, mishap from his youth when he was 16 come back to haunt him. He decides to leave town, let his lawyer brother take care of things, and go hideaway at the lake house.

Josh used to have a HUGE crush on Tyler’s brother Ryan (said lawyer). He’s been pining away for years and needs to stop. So he takes a much needed vacation to the lake.

What should be an fantastic “meet cute” of a reunion is a fumble of mishaps that eventually see Josh and Tyler playing at pretend boyfriends. Until they’re not playing anymore.

It’s time to see if sarcastic, in your face, takes no crap from anybody Tyler and slow down enough for Josh and if beige, low key, doormat, Josh can rise up for Tyler.


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