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Looking In by Michael Bailey

Looking In by Michael Bailey

David is a lovable nerd, well lovable to others, he doesn’t see himself as such.

Adam is a veteran and on the hunt for the perfect gift for his sick nephew. His brother recommends a comic book store. When Adam sees David something pulls at him. He wants to know more about the young man. When they touch it’s electric.

David isn’t won over so easily though. If his life has taught him anything it’s to trust no one and only rely on yourself.

When his past comes back with a vengeance David closes all doors.

How can Adam show David that he’s worth loving?


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Coffee and Bourbon by Jasper Grey

Coffee and Bourbon by Jasper Grey

Noah has spent over a decade blazing a trail all his own. His family left him after he came out as transgender so it’s been him and his best friend Kat. Now he’s happy with who he is; trans, man, and business owner.

Alex is new to town. He’s left his home in the south for a new start. When he walks into the Green Bean, Noah’s coffee shop, he’s taken back by the handsome barista. Soon after they start dating.

When Alex’s past meets his present its a clash of the titans. Will Noah come out unscathed or will there be repercussions?


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Letting Go by Morningstar Ashley

Letting Go by Morningstar Ashley

Alex is his little sister’s guardian. After losing their mother suddenly and their father before Evie was born Alex has had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Evie has become his number one priority in life, so much so that he’s back burnered his entire life. He works from home, only has one friend, and only leaves the apartment for Evie.

Kelley is an executive that works at the marketing company Alex used to work for. Before everything fell. After running into Alex at a restaurant he realizes he wants to pursue him. It takes several “meet-cutes” for things to get moving forward and lots of patience on Kelley’s part to deal with Alex.

In the end is Alex worth the pain?


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Vice City by SA Stovall

Vice City by SA Stovall

Pierce has been the Vice family’s main enforcer for over two decades. He’s known for his no nonsense ways. When he’s there to witness the questioning of a suspected police mole something doesn’t fit. Pierce saves the kid and takes him under his wing.

Miles is grateful for Pierce. Nobody has ever had his back before. He has nothing to his name and the only way he can think to re-pay Pierce is by sexual favors. At first Pierce thinks of it as a great way to get his rocks off, until Miles slowly starts filling the voids in Pierce.

If Miles isn’t the mole, then who is?

DSP Publications:

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What’s up Buttercup….October 01-06, 2017

What’s up Buttercup….October 01-06, 2017

This is my weekly ramblings where I discuss if I met my reading goals last week and what I plan to read this week; review next week.

I say in this episode that I have two books but it’s really three. Totally forgot about the third….OOPS….

1) MM-Contemporary romance from Dreamspinner Press.
2) YA-from Blue Moon Publishing
3) MM-Paranormal (That’s the one I forgot to mention)



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Torin by Lance Withton Blog Tour

Torin by Lance Withton Blog Tour

Title:  Torin
Author: Lance Withton
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: September 18, 2017
Heat Level: 5 – Erotica
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 40300
Genre: Contemporary, NineStar Press, LGBT, prostitution, sex work, degradation, kink, dirty talk

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Torin’s anxiety has made it difficult for him to navigate romantic relationships, so instead of trying, he keeps himself occupied with his work. But just because he doesn’t chase relationships doesn’t mean he doesn’t want something, even if he has to get it with a dash of taboo.
At Pillar, the only all-male brothel in the city, Torin makes an appointment with a charming sex worker who goes by the name “Davies.” It becomes hard for Torin to keep his emotions out of the intimacy, and his feelings become more complicated when a designer he works with starts to let on that his interest is more than platonic.



Lance Withton © 2017
All Rights Reserved
First Encounter
“Please look over the document to make sure we’ve got everything right.”
Mr. M slid the paper across the desk. Torin took it with nervous hands and glanced over the list.
While in Pillar, the city’s only all-male brothel and where he currently sat across from the establishment’s owner, Torin had spent far longer than he liked filling out an electronic document to make certain he’d vetoed everything he was uninterested in or made uncomfortable by. A summation of the results were now on the paper in his hands. The details on paper made the situation more real, somehow.
Torin had taken penetrative sex off the table, as well as oral sex and even undressing or touching below the waist. He’d made certain that his chosen worker wasn’t contractually able to do anything other than kiss him, and he was happy the owner and the lead screener hadn’t treated him oddly because of it.
“Have you finished reading?”
Torin glanced up at the owner, caught a glimpse of his gray hair, and focused back on the paper in his hand. He nodded.
“Do you need to make any amendments?”
Torin took a few minutes to reread the document, nodded to reassure himself he’d filled things out correctly, and then told Mr. M that he had no changes.
Torin released a nasal sigh and looked up at the owner. Mr. M was more personable than he’d expected the head of a brothel to be, but this was a working-class brothel, manned by desk staff in a front lounge while the rest of the building was hidden behind doors that led to a veritable maze of hallways. Mr. M was in many ways like a grandfather, which Torin thought should have been more unsettling than it was.
“Do you have any further questions?”
Torin swallowed and put the paper back on the desk. “I, ah… I do get a choice in who I—who I want to work with, don’t I?”
“Of course.” Mr. M opened a filing drawer in his desk and flicked through the files for several seconds before he finally pulled a few onto the table. He held them up one by one, opened them in front of himself, away from Torin’s eyes, and shuffled the contents. “Here are the best options for your specific desires. I’ve put the modest photos up front, so if you dig deeper, you’ll have to deal with something more provocative than you’d like.”
Torin nodded while he slid the files over to himself.
He glanced at the name on the tab of the first one: Holland. He opened the folder. On the left was a photo of a young redheaded man, sitting on a barstool in a photo room and laughing. He seemed sweet. Torin looked to the right and read the list of his specialties. Intimacy, anal and oral sex, age play, and a few more things Torin didn’t care to process. He slid the file aside.
The second file was labeled Pisces. Its inner left-hand side displayed a picture of a man who could have been twenty years old at most. His hair was dyed ocean blue and he was sprawled out on grass, hands tucked behind his head. If nothing else, he seemed mischievous. Like Holland, his specialties included intimacy and oral and anal sex, but beyond that, things strayed into fetish territory. Torin snapped the file shut. Across from him, Mr. M chuckled.
Torin picked up the third and final file.
“I would recommend Davies the most,” Mr. M said. Torin glanced up at his smiling face. “I hear he’s the best kisser.”
Torin gulped and opened the file. As he’d come to expect, there was a professional photo on the left. This photo was like Holland’s—Davies was on a barstool in a white studio. He was leaning over his knees, fingers laced and forearms resting on his thighs. He had common black hair and common brown eyes, but there was something about his cheekbones and his grin that Torin liked. He swallowed, hesitated, and lifted the corner of the picture to see the one beneath it. It was also modest, though was far more suggestive than the previous picture. Davies was prone on a bed, head lifted so he could look into the camera, and his fingers were laced under his chin. His eyes were half shut, and the smile on his face was nearly a smirk.
The right listed Davies’s specialties, but Torin didn’t read them because the last two lists had made him lose interest. He closed the file and set it on top of the other two.
“I’ll take Davies,” he said.
“Excellent.” Mr. M collected the files and stacked them on his side of the desk. “Does the agreement cover what you are and aren’t looking for?”
Torin glanced over the document a final time. “Yes.” He paused and looked up at Mr. M. “And this agreement… the—Davies has to follow it exactly, right?”
“Of course. And if at any point you decide that you don’t want to do something allowed by the contract, let him know. Even if you can’t say no physically or verbally, he’ll check in with you every now and then to make sure you’re all right. If you choose to see him repeatedly, you two will figure each other out and routine check-ins might become unnecessary or might happen only rarely.”
For no reason other than he was uncomfortable, Torin looked back down at the paper on the desk in front of him. “Do you—ah, do you have a pen I can use?”
Mr. M opened his drawer and handed him what must have been a fifty-dollar pen. Torin stared at it for several seconds before signing his name on the provided line and then dating his signature. There were a few pages after the basic agreement, listing certain rules and legally pertinent information, which Torin skimmed for anything alarming. He initialed and dated those pages before he handed the paper and pen to Mr. M.
Mr. M stood, and Torin followed his lead to the rear exit of the room, which led to the administrative hallway separated from the lounge for client confidentiality.
“I hope we’ll see you again soon,” Mr. M said.
Torin felt comforted by his smile. “You will,” he said. He offered his own smile. Mr. M opened the door for him, and after a farewell, they parted.
Torin headed down the hallway to the end where Ms. Madison’s office was located. She was one of two people who handled scheduling and was the only one in today. He stopped in front of her closed door and knocked with his shaking hand. He was going to do this. Torin was going to book time with a sex worker, and he wasn’t even going to have sex with him.
“Come in!” Ms. Madison called, and while he opened the door, Torin wondered how he’d gotten to the point in his life that he’d become so desperate for a shred of intimacy that he was paying someone to give it to him.
Ms. Madison’s office was half the size of Torin’s bedroom, and Torin lived in a midtown apartment. The woman wore cat-eye glasses the same red as her nail polish and had her hair up in a puffball of a bun. She and Torin worked out an afternoon appointment three weeks from then, after Torin left work. The following day was a free day for him. He thought he might need a day to ground himself after the experience. His nerves tended to get the best of him.


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Meet the Author

Lance resides in the desert of Southern California, sees a minimum of 50 Joshua trees daily, and is surprised every time it rains. He fiddles with stories almost daily and has dozens, if not hundreds, of unfinished ideas lying around in his writing folder. When not trying to write something that keeps him interested, he spends his time whiling the day away with video games and related media.

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The Teddy Bear Club #1 by Sean Michael

The Teddy Bear Club #1 by Sean Michael

The Teddy Bear Club meets twice a week at their friend’s coffee house. This is a time for all the single dads to meet, let the kids play, and have some much needed adult conversation.

Aiden is a life long member of the club. He’s adopted his sister’s two daughters and is now their father. Dev is a new member. His 16 year old sister asked him to babysit and never returned.

Dev and Aiden have an instant connection.

The angst of the story is Dev’s ultra religious mother. She kicked Dev out in his youth when she found out he was gay and now is wanting that baby.

Together, Dev and Aiden try to blend their family while fighting to keep together.

Dreamspinner Press:

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When Heaven Strikes by F.E. Feeley Jr

When Heaven Strikes by F.E. Feeley Jr

Ted Armstrong is an artist who has made a name for himself. He’s gone from rags to his own form of riches. After being kicked out of his house for being gay he’s now quite comfortable with his life and himself.

Anderson Taylor is a doctor, comes from a wealthy family, but only monetary wise, emotionally many things were lacking. Anderson’s grandmother is his rock and the meddler that introduces her grandson to Ted.

In this story you’ll be confronted by a religious zealot, heartbreak and pain, the unfairness of life, love….so much love, laughter, and hopefully forgiveness.


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10 Random and Silly Things Book Tag

10 Random and Silly Things Book Tag

Original Tag-Steph’s Rom Book Talk:…


Here are the questions.

1. A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

2. What would your autobiography be called?

3. Would you let us hook up your ‘Recently Played’ list on Spotify to the office speakers?

4. If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for?

5. Where would you go in a time travel machine? Would you stay?

6. Invisibility or flight?

7. After somebody uses the transporter in Star Trek, are they the same person, or does reconstituting them out of different molecules mean they’re a different person and the original version ceases to exist?

8. What would you name your boat if you had one?

9. To you, what’s the closest thing to real magic?

10. Would you take a one way mission to mars trip?

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Daimonion by JP Jackson

Daimonion by JP Jackson

Dati is a demon. His job for the Master is to mark children that show the demon fire. He’s on such a mission when thwarted by a white witch where he makes a promise to keep her son Alyx away from the dark.

Alex is the dark.

A group of servants, Dati included, has decided they want to break free from Master after he gives them an assignment. They seem to forget with every promise there is a price.

NineStar Press:

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