Day: August 28, 2017

Stray Pup by Elliot Cooper

Stray Pup by Elliot Cooper

*Written-not filmed review*

Stray Pup is approx 10,000 words; an incredibly short story.  Yet, it’s also paranormally delicious.  (Because it’s so short I’ve been able to read it multiple times and love it more with each read.)


Shifters are known to the world.  They’re not in hiding, but they’re not 100% accepted by the populous either.  There are humans though that seem to find themselves with a were fetish and that’s how Jamie Finch finds himself in his current predicament.

Jamie’s currently in the middle of his transition from human to were.  He’s decided to leave the human world behind him and go in search of a pack.  Once he arrives at his destination to begin “pack hunting” he’s assaulted by a smell.  Oh, the smell.  It’s everything to Jamie.  After being escorted to the correct pack he can’t get past the smell.


Elliot does a wonderful job of creating this world, having us immediately placed in this world, and attaching ourselves to Jamie and his adventure.  From the moment Jamie arrives at his new pack and finds the source of the incredible smell Elliot has us getting sexually frustrated along side Jamie until we can find release, and what a release it is.




Rating: 4 stars

Title: Stray Pup

Author: Elliot Cooper

Publisher: Self-pub


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Dawn Patrol (Tidewater #1) by Tami Veldura

Dawn Patrol (Tidewater #1) by Tami Veldura

*Written-not video review*

Dawn Patrol is a short story and as most short stories it leaves us wanting more.  Which in my opinion, is a good thing.


Elias’s passion is surfing.  When he’s out in the water he’s one with the ocean.  This is what catches Theo’s eye; Elias’s serenity, plus maybe a bit of his smokin’ body.

Theo is an artist and he’s caught ogling Elias.  When Elias goes to confront this stranger he realizes what Theo has caught on paper is perfection.  He then commissions Theo to create a mural on his bedroom wall.

Of course when you put two gorgeous men in the same room who just happen to have the hots for each other things go from a mild thrum to scorching desire at about mach 4.


I’ve never been surfing.  The way Tami describes the feelings, the view, the peace with being out on the waves makes me want to plan a vacation to the coast immediately.  She grasps ahold of something somewhat common and makes it seem magical.

Then there’s the scene when both men unravel and take what they want from the other.  Mmmmmm….soooooo good.



Rating: 4 stars

Title: Dawn Patrol (Tidewater #1)

Author: Tami Veldura

Publisher: Oldewolf Alternascents

Release Date: July 28, 2017

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